Las Vegas Bachelorette/Bachelor
Party Planning

Las Vegas is the bachelor / ette party bucket list destination for many lost party souls, like the crazy couple that eloped, got drunk and got hitched in a drive thru chapel and whose only souvenir is a 2 week hangover to remember. On the other side of the spectrum, you have the coolest hotel suites for the high spenders, with all the amenities and VIP concierge service, high end restaurants owned and hosted by celebrity chefs, unending parties and fun activities around Vegas and the chance to party and hang out with the rich and famous. Sin City has a lot of everything. From ultra cool hotels with amazing pool parties to the hottest clubs in the desert with resident world class DJ’s year round. It also has some crazy strip clubs, and even something a little more extreme if you feel like exploring your sex-y side.

Your bachelor/ette party can be G, R or X rated depending on your mood or how insane you plan to go. G rated would be a totally chill weekend with spa days, great food and high level bonding with your besties. R and x rated will undoubtedly involve some clubbing, alcohol, strip shows and many other cool, fun activities that can be really raunchy or super chic. Remember that we don’t judge. What happens in Vegas stays here unless you don’t erase it from your phone or post it on Instagram.

Let us plan your bachelorette weekend with lots of fun activities, some serious pampering in some of the best spas in the planet, a little party time at the coolest pool parties, some fine dining before the debauchery begins or a complete blowout in one of the amazing suites with a gorgeous view of the strip and all its lights and activity. Let us plan so you can have all the fun.

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Bachelorette Party Planning Las Vegas
Bachelorette Party Planning Las Vegas