Why to Use A Travel Agent!

In 2017 people seem to think that travel agents are becoming obsolete when this could not be more inaccurate. For a few years there was a decrease in the use of travel agents, but in recent years they have come flocking back to us, when they realized all of the positives that we bring to the travel experience! These are just a few reasons why booking through a travel agent is the best way to go.

One of the major reasons why travel agents are essential is because we have the knowledge on the subject that you can’t trust anywhere else. Most of the time, our information comes from first hand We have traveled the world, visited multiple hotels in the cities, tried food from the best restaurant in each place to the yummiest holes in the wall, and we do it all for you, and to be selfish for us also.


The most precious thing you have is time so why waste it by looking at multiple websites. Well, you don’t have to, that is exactly what we are here for. You tell us what you’re looking for and the budget, we will find the perfect place for you.

So now that we have saved you a lot of time and energy, we are going to do even more for you and get you some freebies. As travel agents we have access to many special amenities that you would never be able to receive through booking online such as free breakfast, welcome, upgrades amenities, food and beverage or spa credits included, and even early check in and late check-out for your convenience!

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As an industry, we are essential to people that travel often, especially when going to places with extreme weather conditions or possible terrorism. When booking online if there is a problem you are usually stuck on hold for hours at a time on their generic hotline. We would never leave you abandoned; your travel agent will be at your beck and call 24/7 and will solve your problems for you!


As travel agents we are always up to date on all of the rules in the industry, so we are able to cut through the clutter and produce the best results for you!

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The internet can be extremely misleading, the pictures are usually very touched and/or outdated, and they cannot always be trusted. As your travel agent our job is to know what is going on at the properties, maintenance, construction etc.. that you would not know from booking online.

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We can create incredible once in a lifetime experiences for you through the contacts and relationships that we have made throughout the years, and you will never find access to these. Some examples; dinner in one of the towers of The Great Wall of China, having a bazaar set up for you personally in Morocco, elephant rides through the jungle complete with champagne, just to name a few. These are the type of experiences that will last you a lifetime.

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Planning your own vacation is like getting a tattoo, little mistakes can make all the difference. Remember, the internet is for looking, travel agents are for booking!


6 thoughts on “Why to Use A Travel Agent!”

  1. I never knew that a travel agent could get access to special amenities. I love to travel, but planning everything out is such a hassle that I’d rather not travel at all. Having someone book everything for me sounds amazing.

  2. My husband and I are wanting to take our first trip out of the country, but in help in doing so. I would like to hire a travel agent to help us out, but am curious to know if it is worth doing so. I like how you pointed out that when it comes to getting a travel agent, that they will be able to help us solve any problems that may occur. It will be nice having that added stress taken out of the equation.

  3. I’m usually to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your web page and keep checking for new information.

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