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The Perfect Mothers Day Gifts for a Traveling Mom!

mothers day charger  What is it? Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger.

 It’s the best thing to have when you’re on the go, a life saver to keep your electronics juiced!


mothers day Passport holderWhat is it? Monogrammed passport holder.

They are adorable, and any seasoned traveler will appreciate having this.



mothers day slippers

What are they? Roll up ballet flights.

These are great for women who are going to be out about in heels. Keep these roll-up flats in your purse, they take up no room and they will save your poor feet by the end of the night.



mothers day scarf

What is it? A travel scarf with pockets.

This chic, lightweight scarf will complement any outfit you wear on your travels, and hide all of your stuff in their awesome convenient pockets.



mothers day alarm

What is it? Vigilant personal alarm.

It is a small gadget that can be worn as a bracelet or necklace on the road, or at home. If danger approaches you simply pull the pin to sound alarm as loud as a fire truck.



mothers day travel pillow

What is it? Travel pillow.

Travel pillows will help you get through the rough parts of your trip, like long flights, bus rides, and everything in between ensuring you are well rested and ready!



mothers day headphones

What is it? Noise canceling headphones.

Drown out the noise of crying babies, and loud obnoxious people so you can get that beauty rest and enjoy your travels.


mothers dat toiletry

What is it? Portable hanging toiletry bag.

As women, we have lots of products and not a lot of space, this is the perfect accessory, you can bring everything you want and keep the space minimal.



mothers day totemothers day tote1mothers day tote 2




What is it? Travel canvas tote

This tote features a separate compartment, suitcase sleeve, and removable straps with memory foam straps to make sure you’re comfy and cute.



mothers day travel bag

What is it? Adorable carry on and suitcase.

Everyone should have a carry on or suitcase that is theirs, preferably one that is super cute!

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