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The Do’s and Don’ts of Amsterdam

Don’t: Forget that the currency in Amsterdam is Euro’s, so we suggest you exchange them ahead of time to spare yourself the headache and rip off.


Do: book a hotel near the city center, or Dam Square. In that area you are walking distance from everything, the flower market is 15 minutes along with Rembrandt Square, the Anne Frank House is 10, and so on. Plus 3 Bulldog coffee shops within a mile, and the Red Light District, of course.

dam square

Don’t: forget to book your tickets for the Anne Frank House as soon as you are 2 months out. They go on sale right away then and sell out extremely quickly, like freaky fast. They also make zero changes on anything, whatever you book is what you get, no matter what.


Do: take one of those cheesy canal boat rides. They are a great way to see the entire city through a different view as it is mainly walking. There is a bar on board for your drinking pleasure, as well as the ability to smoke, for those who partake.

canal ride

Don’t: leave the city without seeing the museums they have to offer, the Van Gogh museum, Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House Museum, and Hermitage, just to name a few. You can lose yourself for hours just wandering and taking in the culture.


Don’t: get confused if you are looking around and see “coffeshops”, this is NOT their version of Starbucks. These are Amsterdam’s world-famous cannabis coffee shops; proceed with caution.


Do: if you are going to smoke or eat edibles while visiting you need to be careful and know the rules. Smoking is acceptable in the coffeeshops, no tobacco though, strictly ganja in here. If you do not smoke regularly, you may be better off with a spliff than a joint. If you’re going to partake in space cakes, do it in doses the first time, especially if you don’t know your tolerance.


Don’t: miss a night out in Rembrandt Square. This is where most of the Dam’s nightlife happens to be, and luckily all within one square. There are a ton of nightclubs, restaurants, and bars. Also, late night eateries for munchies, and the tram takes you right to the center of it all.rembrandtplein-amsterdam-9

Do: go to the Heineken Experience. It is an hour and a half of touring the original brewery, learning a bit of the history, playing some interactive activities, and even getting a few free beers in the process. Plus, the ability to make and package your own bottle for memories.      heineken

Don’t: be afraid of the Red-Light District, it is awesome. Yes, it is sleazy but that is part of the fun and the experience. You will see hundreds of beautiful naked women standing in the windows, so try not to gawk too hard, remember not to take pictures or they will throw ice water at you. (Although that cold shower may come in handy) For the ladies, just embrace the environment and enjoy the fun.


Do: go experience a sex show. Hear us out first, this is probably not something that you will ever find in your home country, the sexually open environment of Amsterdam is a big part of their culture and something that separates them from most. They have earned their name as “Sin City of Europe” through this and their lax laws.2

Amsterdam is one of the most liberal cities in terms of laws, in the world, experience it all while you’re there because you will not get many chances like these! Amsterdam is an incredible city with so much to do.

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