The Best Destinations for Millennial’s in 2017

By: Michelle L.

Costa Rica: This beautiful little country is the perfect place for the adventurer in you. This land has been basically untouched and still holds its natural beauty; surrounded by beaches, waterfalls, greenery, and the incredible scenery of the volcanoes will leave you in awe. While the country itself is impressive, all of the activities that you can do make it even more worthwhile; zip lining while taking in the view of the rainforest? You can do that here! Visiting the places where Jurassic Park was filmed? You can do that here. Hiking the volcanoes near the city of La Fortuna? Check! That is just the beginning of it, so whether you are doing some crazy activity, or being lazy on the beach in San Jose you will be truly living the Pura Vida!

canopy-pic3 Arenal-Volcano-II1-500x381

Greece: Did Lena’s adventures in Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants make you absolutely fall in love with Greece? Because it did for me, I’m pretty sure it is the exact reason why I went for the first time. If you are looking for a good excuse to visit Europe take advantage of their declining economy and go while it is cheap. The adorable blue and white painted houses in Santorini that you have seen so many pictures of are even better in person. Dancing all day and night at the beach clubs that litter the island of Mykonos, or even Crete; the largest island which has pretty cheap nightlife, restaurant, and hotels!

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Hungary: While you are stopping in Europe we would definitely recommend taking a few days to explore this beautiful country; mainly Budapest. There is so much to see here in terms of culture, there are both sides to visit, Buda and Pest. They have the St. Stephens Basilica, the Jewish quarter, Parliament, and so many more things to see and do. When you’re done with all the sightseeing head over to 7 District for beer that is cheaper than water, and bar hopping non-stop all night!

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Colombia: This vibrant country has so much to offer. If you are looking for a big city, you have it waiting for you in Bogota, it is perched high in the mountains and has beautiful views of everything surrounding it. Get on the chivas in famed wild city of Cartagena, you can enjoy shots of aguardiente while you all drunkenly sing together; and what an experience it is. Wake up the next day and take a boat over to the islands surrounding and sleep off that hangover while getting tan, it’s a win-win! Medellin is one of the most up and coming places in the world and known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its year round weather. It is not to be missed, as well as the nature, the city, and museums are worth visiting, plus flashbacks to Vinny Chase’s movie on Entourage!


USA: With 50 states; there is absolutely something for everyone to do here. You can smoke a blunt and visit Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the state of Colorado, and then visit every craft brewery you can find along the way. Visiting many of the national parks that The United States has to offer; including one of the most epic sights in the world, The Grand Canyon at sunset, one of the most surreal views I have ever seen. If you’re looking for less mountains and nature, but a lot more partying you can hit up Miami or Sin City (Vegas) to get your fill of 24 hours of debauchery. Beach? We have you covered, the golden coast of California has delicious food, cities, views, and of course, celebrities! America may be a young country but we have a vast history that you can explore in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Texas to name a few. This can continue on and on because there is so much to offer!

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