How to save money on your wedding and do it YOUR way!

So you are starting to plan your wedding. Here are some things to think about that will save you money and, more importantly, help you create YOUR PERFECT DAY!


Goodbye Chastity Belt!!!!

Make it your own

Even thought this sound obvious, you should make this your special day, full of the things and details that make you happy, not the wedding planners or your family. You don’t need to become a bridezilla to accomplish this, just be honest from the beginning and stand your ground. You will be tempted to do many things, choose only what works for you.


Underwater Ceremony

Keep It Simple.
Most of the details brides go crazy about won’t ever be noticed by the guests, so take a chill pill and keep it simple. Choose not to waste time or money on insignificant details that bring nothing to the wedding ceremony or party and simply add details that reflect you and your significant other.

picnic wedding

A wedding picnic? Cool….

Utilize Your Own Resources (Friends and Family)
We all have friends and family members that could help us make our special day perfect. Having close friends and family doing many of the things necessary to pull off a great wedding also brings an intimacy that can’t be described. From hair and makeup to photographs and even decorations, we can surely find someone close that will be willing to help and save you tons of money in the process.

planner invite

So your second cousin is a wedding planner….go for it!

Reduce Your Guest list.
The guest list is normally a nightmare to finalize. There are so many things to consider. A guest list, with only close family and friends will undoubtedly create a much more intimate event, surrounded by the people that really should be there.


Intimate Cave Wedding

Think Outside the Box.
The wedding industry is huge and the results are a lot of cookie cutter events, hard to differentiate one form the other. Traditions can be “bent” to reflect you while at the same time putting on a unique event and saving money at the same time. Instead of a sit down dinner, try a casual barbeque or food trucks. The ideas are endless, just be brave and do your own thing.


Food Truck Wedding

Choose the date carefully
Your wedding date can have a huge impact on your costs and the costs of traveling and lodging for your guests. Be mindful of these points and you will save a ton of money by booking off-season, finding that lost hidden venue that is new or trying a day event instead of a night gala.




This is actually very simple. Identify early on what is important to you and let go of the rest. Spend money on what you think people will remember, things that set your special day apart from all others and that have some significance to both you and your guests.


Do I really need the circus tent??


You can always Elope

Wedding planning can be very stressful and put a real strain on your relationship. Handle it with care, communicate well with your partner and create something where you both will be happy. If it’s getting complicated, don’t be afraid to chuck it out the window and romantically elope….



Destination weddings can be a solution when the budget is tight

Even thought there are travel costs associated, at the end, your guests list will shrink in size and improve in quality, meaning only the people you really want at your wedding will be there. It can be less formal, quirky and still breathtaking but in a much more intimate way.


dest wed beach


This is YOUR day! Make it exactly what you want, avoid the things that don’t matter, relax and enjoy. You will be able to live without the matching napkins, the seat covers and the ultra-expensive caterer. This things will not matter the morning after, only the memories will stay with you forever.


These are the moments that count!

Fuckboy Problems

Let’s face it, your twenties are hard. This is a time of finding yourself, being very confused, exploring the world, meeting incredible people, falling in love, having your heart broken, then repaired again, and going on the adventure of your life. We don’t want you wasting your time and happiness on the wrong asshole, so this is 20 something ways to spot, avoid, and weed out all fuckboys from your life. You don’t need them anyway, you fabulous bitch!


  • Are his texts basically limited to night time?
  • Usually past 11:00PM?
  • Does he spend a ridiculous amount of time begging for nudes, even though he can totally be getting it in real life?
  • Does he say shit like “DTF?” or “Netflix and chill”? (That’s not cute)


  • How about “what would you do to me if I was there?”
  • Or a personal favorite “want to play the question game?” immediately followed up by “what’s your favorite position? ;)” like a total creep
  • Does he pressure you or make you feel guilty if you don’t want to send pics?
  • Maybe he bombards your cell with tons of cringe worthy dick pics…. *shudders

Untitled4 Untitled5

  • Is Snapchat the first place he adds you on?


  • Does he slide into your DM’s?
  • Do you upload a fire selfie and then get hit with that ‘miss you’ text from someone you spoke to in 1963?
  • The number of women in his life is a mystery, and you don’t know if all the girls blowing up his social media are actually fuck buddies or just friends
  • Does he try sexting you within minutes of meeting on tinder?
  • Has either multiple accounts on social media or says that he doesn’t have any at all! Sketchy as fuck, its 2016 and everyone has some form of it)
  • Ohhh he doesn’t let you post pictures anywhere together? I wonder why.

Untitled2 Untitled

  • When you make plans, do they mostly consist of “chilling” together?
  • Not actual real dates, just a lot of hanging out
  • Does he try hiding his phone screen when he’s around you? You know this is only trouble
  • Does he disrespect his mom? If he does that there is no way in hell he will respect you
  • All of his friends are just like him, unoriginally dress, talk, and act the same?
  • He tells you that he really likes you but “isn’t into labels”
  • Won’t commit when you’re doing all of his wifey shit?


Tips for a great girls night out!

-First and foremost, no guys allowed no ifs, ands, or buts!

no boys allowed

Dress to impress! Even if you’re not actually trying to impress anyone it’s always fun to dress up, plus it makes it easier to get free drinks.


Put your cellphone away and let the martinis flow as your inhibitions begin to escape you.

– Make sure your ID, credit cards, and cash all fit into that adorable clutch you’ve been waiting to break out.

– No need for a designated driver. Everyone drinks, use an Uber or get a driver if you feel like splurging.


Pregame before going out, the drinks are expensive so it’s always good to get there with a head start on your buzz, don’t get noticeably drunk or they won’t let you in!

Eat some carbs; you will need them to absorb all the alcohol.


Get a table! (BTK can help you get the best pricing available)They can be pricey but they give you your own area to dance, basically guaranteeing no creeps so you can get down with your girls without being bothered. One of your highlights will be seeing the bottles brought out by beautiful girls and lots of sparklers and lights, do it for the gram, or at least the snapchat.


– Have your club and host set up before you go so you don’t have to deal with any problems. Mainly just douchey bouncers on a power trip. (BTK can help you with that)

Bring a pair of flats in your bag, dancing with your girls for hours in 6 inch stilettos may leave you blistered and hurting. Keep in mind that the clubs have either flip flops or ballet flats for sale, so if you’re really struggling you have the option.

Have a meeting spot, if anyone gets lost in the large nightclubs or craziness of South Beach it will be hard to find each other. This is the best solution to avoid any of that from happening!


Have an incredible time, drink responsibly, and leave some advil and water on your nightstand for the morning, your hungover self will be thanking your drunk self.

What’s Hot this Week – The French Riviera



It is the middle of May and unless you are living under a rock, you have been keeping up with everything that is the Cannes International Film Festival like the rest of us. Every celebrity, model, and billionaire in one city for a week.. Like Los Angeles with way more pressure, and a lot more fun.


Hotel Du Cap

The first stop of your weekend on the French Riviera should be your hotel of course, and if you’re lucky enough to be staying amongst the rich and famous you’re probably at the Hotel Du Cap because it’s basically ‘THE HOTEL’ of the city. They are hosting Amfar’s Annual Cinema Against Aids party on May 19th and if it is anything like last year you won’t want to miss it, if you can get in. In the past this is the event where spaceship rides with Leonardo DiCaprio were sold, as well as a Banksy from his personal collection. The 23rd edition is being hosted by Sharon Stone, Kevin Spacey, Milla Jovovich, Adrien Brody, Heidi Klum, Carine Roitfeld, Harvey Weinstein, just to name a few, so you can see why after so many years this is still the hottest and most exclusive ticket around!

palm beach Casino cannes

Palm Beach Casino – Cannes

When you’ve had enough of all the glitz, glamour, and ball gowns, it is time to get down and dirty at this private after hours party; a pop up hosted by famed LA hip-hop club ‘1OAK’ at The Palm Beach Casino. A favorite to celebs like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner, Rick Ross, and so many more. The doors don’t open until around 3am, and this year Chris Brown, Steve Aoki, and Lil Jon are just a few of the stars brought out by nightlife guru’s Richie Akiva and Ronnie Madra to heat up the city with their performances. You will definitely want to have ‘ended up at 1OAK.’


Have you had enough partying after 12 days of Cannes or are you ready to rally and get back out there? Let’s hope you’re ready because the French Riviera is not done with you yet. F1OAK and Bootsy Bellows are following all of the action and hosting another slew of after parties.(between May 26th-29th) It shouldn’t be too hard to keep up with if you follow the models diet aka the 3 C’s; cocaine, cigarettes, and champagne. (not promoting it, of course) It’s time to fuel those luxurious yachts up and have your captain get a move on, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix awaits!

Monaco Grand Prix France
Monaco Grand Prix France

Top picks for the new Bachelorette season…..yummy or blah?

The contestants on The Bachelorette have been announced and things are heating up because these are definitely some of the best looking men we have ever seen on the show. JoJo is a lucky girl and we took the liberty of drooling through pictures of all the men, narrowing it down to just 5 that we will be keeping an eye on this season!


Alex: I am already weak in the knees from that smile (and the most perfect set of teeth), not to mention this sexy Florida native is just out of the Marines, and an ex weightlifting champion. He can demonstrate his pushups on me anytime, if you know what I mean!


Chad: This 28 year old ruggedly handsome, luxury real estate agent from Tulsa, OK loves to live the best of both worlds; having a relaxing weekend in, or being the life of the party. He is right on the line between confident and cocky but I’m pretty sure I’d have him showing me houses forever just to look at his face!


Derek: This 29 year old commercial banker from Ft Lauderdale is the definition of tall, dark, and handsome, with the added bonus of baby blue eyes you can spot from across the room.


Grant: Did we get tickets to the gun show? Because, hello beautiful bulging arms! This 27 year old firefighter is the definition of goals, a romantic covered in tattoos that saves lives for a living and looks like him, sign me up!


James T: This 29 year old all American hottie from Katy, Texas will catch your attention by getting the party started, or this singer/songwriter may have it by serenading you, and what’s more attractive than that? I know he has my eye and I haven’t seen anything yet!


The Bachelorette premieres on Monday, May 23rd so set your DVR’s set and read for it to begin raining men! Let us know if you agree with our choices and who some of your favorites are!

Also, if your bachelor is not making “the move”, we can help give him a little nudge….

What’s HOT This Week



As we move into summer, the temperatures rise, the clothing drops, and we all have one place on our minds, Vegas Baby!

wynn 2

What’s a better Wynn than never having to leave your hotel? This casino resort located right on The Strip is the perfect place to getaway and have the best of both worlds, hardcore partying and a weekend of lavishness and luxury! The Wynn and Encore properties have 9 fine dining restaurants, as well as 9 casual ones, 7 bars and lounges, 3 nightclubs, a day club, a players club, golf, a spa, Cirque De Soleil, and even a Seal residency covering all the bases so you can be right in the middle of the action. With rates starting at just $230 think about grabbing your squad and heading out.


Avicii at Encore Beach Club

Kick off your weekend this Friday afternoon poolside, at Encore Beach Club twerking to one of Diplos epic sets. Whether you grab a daybed and bottles, or drinks on dance floor you will have the time of your life and his beats are sure to keep you on your feet nonstop. By the end of your very alcoholic induced afternoon you will be dragging your bodies up to the hotel room for a nap because your day is far from over!


XS Night Swim

When your alarm goes off, don’t hit the snooze button because you’re not going to want to miss a second of David Guetta’s set at XS, Friday night. If you don’t make it to XS that night, no need to fear a killer line up is here. Luckily for you, Avicii will be spending his summer doing his own version of a farewell tour, so make sure to catch one of his sets because they are the last ones on Saturday. If this isn’t enough to have you downing redbull and Adderall like it’s your job than Skrillex’s night swim set Sunday should do just that for you, I know I’d be in my bikini and out the door faster than you can say ‘What Do U Mean’!


Lake of Dreams

Now let’s talk food for a second, because with all of this drinking and running around you should be filling up on the delicious options Vegas has for you! The newly opened SW Veranda is the ideal location for being able to slow down your tempo but not missing a thing to see. It has an incredible view of The Lake of Dreams, with shows running every half hour. You can nosh on things like lobster rolls and wagyu Carpaccio while being entranced by the trippy lights and visuals on the waterfall.


We know you love the view of the 40 foot waterfall and you won’t have to leave it just yet, because Intrigue, Wynns newest nightclub has opened its doors! This venue is located in the same place where famed nightclub Tryst used to be, but this is not the same club you’ll remember. This 14,000 square foot scene will utterly captivate your senses with their deep red interior and beautiful chandeliers everywhere. They are already making a name for themselves as they had their star studded opening on April 28th and supermodel Gigi Hadid host her official 21st birthday party there as well.


Now get out there and have the weekend of your life, the BTK way! For all help with table service, tickets, and entry contact us at (305) 931-3002, we do all the planning so you can have all the fun!

Boozy Treats for Everyone

The best way to get drunk is when you don’t actually have to suffer through the taste of alcohol, so we want to help you get drunk in the best way possible; DESSERTS!

HINT: Click on last word for recipe.

For refreshing, healthy, boozy treats that will cool you off during the summer heat while getting you turnt try these:

Drunken Melon Balls


Because fruit is so much more personable when its drunk!

Tequila Soaked Watermelon Wedges


Your day isn’t fulfilled without a serving of fruit, so get your nutrients in while getting a little tipsy!

Pink Lemonade Jello Shots


Is there anyone that doesn’t enjoy pink lemonade on a hot summer day? This way you don’t have to worry about all the ice melting, just the delicious flavor!

Strawberry Margarita Jello Shots


Margarita jello shots I can pop into my mouth? Yes, please! Although I think I would be eating these all day so they might be slightly dangerous, but no complaints here.

Limoncello Sorbet


A frozen twist on one of our favorite shots to order!

Gin and Tonic Popsicles


Licking that gin and juice, lay back with the sun in your face and a pop in your hand!

Bourbon Poached Peaches


Let you palette explore the Southern life with this dessert, soak em’ and serve them with ice cream.

Tequila Mango Pops With Chili


The perfect reflection of summer, sweet and amazing, but hot as hell!

For your not so healthy side, we have a few desserts that will be totally worth the calories both in taste and because of the fact that they will fuck you up if you have enough of them!

Sex on The Beach Mini Cupcakes


Perfectly on theme with summer, but if you have enough of these the name may become all too real!

Red Wine Velvet Cake

red wine

Now this is what we call Red Velvet cake, naturally reddened by the wine and its subtle spiced flavor, this is how it should be!

Fireball Whisky Cheesecake


Don’t worry about the temperature outside and kick up the heat in your drink with this fun dessert.

Mimosa Mini Cupcakes


This will be your new favorite version of this sparkling classic, because cupcakes, duh!

Kahlua Banana Bread


Hot, buttery, melt in your mouth, chocolatey, kahluay, flavor explosion in your mouth.

Pina Colada Cheesecake


Light, refreshing, and fruity. The second it hits your tongue your mind will be swirling with all of your favorite beach memories, and maybe sunscreen! (It kind of tastes the way sunscreen smells)

Tequila Sunrise Mini Cupcakes

Everything you love in the drink wrapped into one delicious cupcake. The sweetness of the grenadine is perfectly balanced by the acidity making this the perfect treat for you.

You didn’t think you would get all the way through this post without some chocolate did you? These are some of our favorite decadent, drunk, desserts!

Boozy Chocolate Pudding


Chocolate pudding is already a classic dessert, so why fix what isn’t broken right? Always a good saying except when it comes to alcohol, if it doesn’t have alcohol but can it needs to be fixed and we can help!

Whiskey Truffles


The strong taste of whiskey mixed with the bitter sweetness of the chocolate makes this unforgettable!

Brown Butter Bourbon Chocolate Chip Cookies


Not your grandmas cookies… unless your grandma is a raging alcoholic of course.

Naughty Brownies


If you get too naughty, you can always blame it on the bourbon right?

Smores Jello Shots


It’s like summer camp in a shot! Picture sitting around the campfire, toasting some marshmallows while taking shots out of these delicious ones.

*Honorable Mention to Sweet Bourbon Bacon… because ‘Merica.

bourbon bacon

This concludes our delicious list; hopefully your mouth was watering for both alcohol and dessert by the end of this because that was totally our goal! Before The Knot can help set up so many events for you including; Bachelorette Parties (which all of these would be perfect for), Bachelor Parties, Bridal Showers, Marriage Proposals, Milestone Events and so much more! Contact us at: (305) 931-3002 for more information!

A Miami Nightclub for Every Ocassion

A Miami nightclub for every occasion



This is the perfect venue for all of you trying to be up close and intimate with the DJ, they are literally within a hands reach from you, if you can make it through the crazy crowd of Miami locals. Famed for their Tuesday night Brazilian Favela parties, you can get a taste of Miami’s sin and fun here.



From the second you walk into this world famous hot spot, you will feel like a celeb and most like be partying right next to them. When you look down at the crowd from the top of their lavish staircase and see thousands of people partying and popping bottles, all of your inhibitions will melt away.


rockwell miami

Opened by famed nightclub manager Chris Paciello, this new hotspot on Washington Ave opened during Art Basel week and has been making waves since. This smaller scale lounge/club is already known for its hip hop night on Mondays, and has seen celebs like Khaled, Rick Ross, Lenny Kravitz, and many more.



Put your cameras away, and get your wallets out. It’s time to eat, drink, dance, and see some titties. This also happens to be our cities first 24 hour club, so you can do this in 20,000sq feet of space at any time of day you please! We recommend this as an afterhours club, drink the night away in the SoFlo area of your choice and then lose your inhibitions here until the sun comes up.


story miami

Owned by the same people as LIV it’s no surprise that this venue has the best line up of any club here. Not only will names like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiesto spinning here regularly blow you away, but their light shows will have you tripping without the molly.



One of the newest mega clubs to hit South Beach! But the location is not so new, it has taken over the venue where almost every Miami native has strapped on their stilettos and partied the night away, Mansion!! Their new renovations and the huge chandelier in the middle of the room will leave you speechless, along with the giant face on the stage; you won’t be able to look away.

Rec Room


Always wanted to feel like you were in That 70’s Show? Now you can party like you are, in this underground 70’s basement type environment with a laid back beach vibe. Plus they have over 3,000 records on vinyl and a killer hip hop night, couldn’t get much better right? Well they also have great pricing for tables, making it a great place for a bachelorette party or girls night.



Ice skating, bowling, and clubbing, Oh My! You can find all of these activities in one convenient location on the beach. Ladies, don’t forget to go on Wednesday night to partake for free.


fdr miami

If you love a mix of new and old school hip hop, FDR is the place for you. They have affordable tables that aren’t burning a hole in your wallet, and a small loungy vibe with all the fixings of a Miami nightclub.



Want a true taste of all things Miami? This is definitely the place to be, with red velvet draped around the venue, and more crystal than Swarovski, you will be in for a night of luxury and debauchery.



Either you’re a business man with a night off, or a hot frat boy from UM with a trustfund and daddys credit card, this is the place to ball out. With millions spent on yearly renovations, you will never get tired of this club no matter how many times you go.



They say you haven’t lived until you see the sunrise from this 15 year old legendary EDM scene. Open after hours Space is definitely somewhere we suggest on your trip to Miami, almost every local has been there at least once. So grab your glowsticks, pick your vice of the night, and rave until the afternoon.

P.S. On Heat game nights, we love to people watch all you walk of shamers.

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We also have a pricing tool to help you get an idea of how much your bachelorette party fun will cost so you don’t exceed your budget. Of course we will help you get the best deals and added amenities in many of the properties we offer, so don’t be shy and contact us for more info…and remember that “we plan so you can have all the fun!”

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