Tips For Your Costa Rica Vacation!

Costa Rica is one of the hottest destinations in the world right now, and we’re not just talking about the weather. They have so many different things to do here from laying around and bumming on the beach, to awesome adventure tours like white water rafting, and zip-lining (to name a few). Here are a few our tips to ensure you have the best and most successful trip!

CR 4x4

If you are going to be driving yourself around, make sure you have a working phone with internet access when driving as the streets are not well marked. You will absolutely need GPS.  Pro tip: If you can handle a 4-wheeler, we recommend it, it will kick up your adventure and you will have lots of fun.

car rental1

When renting a car in Costa Rica you will have to use a credit card, there will be about a $1000 pending hold on your card but you will never be charged that. Keep in mind that gas is expensive, and we cannot stress this enough, stay sober because the winding roads can be scary.

trekking CR

If you think a path looks interesting, take it you never know where it will take you

santa teresa

Enjoy the areas of Costa Rica that are still up and coming; Santa Teresa, Dominical, Nosara.


If you’re going to the tour do the best of the best; Ziplining in Arenal at Sky Adventures, rafting the Pauquare River, looking for sloths in Limon, enjoying the beach in Domincal.


Enjoying a day at Manuel Antonio National Park looking for unique animals and enjoying a day at the beach is one of our favorite ventures out here!

manuel antonio

Always try to see where the locals go, usually its off the beaten path but an experience you will never forget.

locals CR

Capitals are great but there’s so much to do in Costa Rica, don’t waste so much time in San Jose.

not san jose

Keep in mind how long it takes to go from city to city, the roads are long,  winding and with interesting traffic, so add at least 2 hours to your trip.


Enjoy the Pura Vida attitude!

Ideas for a Spring Bachelorette Party!

So you’re having a spring bachelorette party? We got you covered!

  • Glamping: Hear me out here first before you write this off! This is a great way to be able to breathe in that fresh air, awe-inspiring nature views, and of course the splendor of the outdoors without having to give up all the luxuries you are so accustomed to. You know, like beds, showers, even wine and cheese in a hot tub under the stars…. And wi-fi. Yes, you saw that correctly, wi-fi. This is not your dad’s camping trip.


  • Bridal Paintball: Haven’t heard of this one? That’s what we’re here for. You need to have quite the sense of humor for this one, and a sense of adventure. Gather your squad, put on your most hideous past bridesmaid dresses and hit the paintball field. Get down and dirty, don’t be afraid to ruin that dress.. this may even improve them in some cases!


  • Pool Party: This is not new or inventive but is one of the most popular for a reason, it is so much fun! You and your besties dancing around the pool in adorable matching suits, to the sounds of hard bass while being waited on hand and foot, with delicious food and flowing pitchers of alcohol, YASSSSSSSSS PLEASE!

pool party

  • Pole Dancing Class: Get your sexy on! Champagne and pole dancing may sound like a dangerous combination but you will not regret this. It is a great way to learn some new moves for your future hubby while making some memories that you and your party will have for a lifetime.


  • Take a Cocktail Class: For the movers and shakers.. Or rather cocktail shaking, making, and tasting! If you have a passion for alcohol this is for you. Get a little boozy while learning something you can use as your next party trick. You get the chance to experiment with herbs, alcohols, and flavors all for a customized drink tailored to your liking, made by you, and named by you.


  • Music Festival: Tis’ the season for music, and lots of it. Festival season starts in spring, and there are so many different types to accommodate any type of taste you may have, from the biggest mainstream acts like; Beyonce, Eminem, Halsey, Travis Scott, The Killers to the most eccentric tastes. These events are usually about 3 days giving you optimal amounts of time to spend shaking your hips together on your last big fling before the ring. Plus, entertainment and food are done for you!

 music festival

  • Scavenger Hunt: Do you know everything there is to know about the happy couple? Well, let us put this to the real test with a scavenger hunt. Each question is customized and tailored to suit the bride, so get your knowledge in, while drinking, and exploring the city of your choosing. Trust us, you will have a blast.

scavenger hunt 

  • Yacht: Catch some rays while living in a day of pure luxury, just like you deserve. Does anything sound better than champagne, seafood, and a captain catering to all your bachelorette needs? No, I didn’t think so!


Here at Before The Knot, we can make all of your bachelorette party dreams become a reality, we customize and tailor everything to your budget, needs, and group preferences. We do all of the planning, so you can have all the fun!

5 Perfect Weekend Valentines Day Escapes

So you are looking for a romantic escape with your boo for Valentines Day (or whenever you want!) that don’t require a full day of travel? We gotcha! Take a look at these super cool, romantic hotels for the perfect adventure! From cool towns to beach resorts, a little bit for every taste.

Be Tulum, Riviera Maya, Mexico

Located in the Riviera Maya, this super sexy property is located in Tulum, a super chic town with beautiful beaches, a great chill vibe, lots of activities around (Do not miss the Cenotes, underground caves you can swim in!) and the coolest seaside Mayan ruins.

30_Spa_outside_193 image1 100174965

Matachica Resort – Ambergris Caye, Belize

Located in Ambergris Caye, enjoy amazing beaches, great diving and snorkeling and a super chill vibe. Food is excellent and you won’t want to leave…

fd1902ea9a20360f7e663447b29ff817 matachicahoneymoon_slider_02_590x590_acf_cropped Matachica-Resort-Spa-Spas-of-America

The Caves, Negril, Jamaica

Every room is unique, with a very cool vibe. Awesome nightlife in the area and sitting atop some of the most spectacular sea caves in the world!

caves1 caves2 caves3

Contact your BTK girls at or 305-931-3002 to book any of these or many other options we have for almost any budget!

Zero George Street – Charleston, South Carolina

Located in Downtown Charleston, this historic hotel is within a 10-minute walk of South Carolina Aquarium, Marion Square, and Joseph Manigault House. Perfect home base to discover all the beauty and romance of this southern town.

zero1 zero2 zero3

Ace Hotel, New Orleans, Lousiana

Fewer places are more fun than NoLA! Great nightlife, awesome food and a vibe la no other place on earth! A minute’s walk from a streetcar stop, this hip boutique hotel in the Warehouse District is a 19-minute walk from Bourbon Street. It also has an awesome rooftop bar!

ace1 NOLA - Corner Room - FP ace3

Cool Bachelorette Ideas for Summer

Wedding season is here, which also means bachelor/ette parties are in full swing, or at least they should be. Summer is the perfect time because what’s better than sunshine, spa, special deals, and spritzers? Here are some unique ideas that BTK can totally pull off for you, we do all the planning so you can have all the fun!


Camp No Counselors: Their tagline is “Play like a kid, party like a grown up” and that sounds like it’s right up our alley. Some of the activities on their line up include; bobbing for apples, archery, tubing, yoga, paddleboarding, zip lining, slip n’ slide, even a talent show and so much more. This incredible experience is an all-inclusive, weekend long sleepaway camp for grown-ups. Because we’re adulating in this version of camp everything includes alcohol, mimosas and Bloody Marys for breakfast, margaritas at lunch, happy hour, and a nightly themed party with open bar.

bachelorette scav.

Scavenger Hunt: Who doesn’t love originality? Everyone does of course. Here at Before The Knot we have custom designed hunts that will absolutely make your bride-to-be feel as special as she should. We can make it so that everything revolves around the couple or bride, solving riddles to have a shot where they had their first date, or puzzles to get them to the place where they shared their first kiss! Exciting and unique.

bach glmping

Glamping: The thought of camping in the woods might make you cringe as much as it makes me but glamping is a whole other ball game. Grab a group of your girls or guys, a fuck ton of s’mores, booze, bbq, bathing suits and find a campsite near you… or a gorgeous house in the mountains to elevate that glamping experience!


Slumber party: picture your weekend nights circa 1998, all of your best friends in their roll out sleeping bags, or cramming in beds. The excitement of being able to stay up for all hours of the night while telling secrets, doing each others hair, and playing games will always be one of our fondest memories growing up. Now, add alcohol to all of those activities and they are already infinitely better. Bring some bachelorette games and turn them into drinking games to ensure maximum fun for all, and a lot of hilarious stories you’ll always have.

bach cooking party

Cooking party: Get an early start on your wifey duties by learning the art of cooking.. JK what is this 1950? This has nothing to do with your wifey duties, mainly we just want to see how many phallic shaped foods you can make in a day!

boys and girls

Boys vs. Girls: Planning a co-ed bachelorette and bachelor party? Split the groups up, boys v. girls, and get ready to compete! Play a mix of board games, video games, trivia games, and silly wedding games. We’re cheering you on girls as it is always important to remember that girls rule, and boys drool!

pole dancing bach

Pole Dancing: Yes, that’s right we want you to get on the pole! Follow the teachers instructions in a private class with your besties and by the end of the session you’ll have some new moves that will seriously impress your S.O… or have him a bit worried about your past.

bach tea party

Host a Tea Party: For a bit of classier affair; as you can invite anyone from your mother in law to your 12 year old niece this is the perfect idea for all ages. Make a beautiful spread complete with adorable mini sandwiches, various flavorful teas, and some cute desserts (maybe macaroons). For a way to take this to the next level, make it Alice in Wonderland themed, the mad hatter loves a good party.

bach music festival

Concert or Music Festival: With summer being here music festival season is in full swing and this is a great opportunity for some once in a lifetime memories. You can leave your inhibitions at home while you dance the weekend away with your crew to some of the biggest names in music. Everything about this is; in Mugatus words “so hot right now” not just hot though in terms of coolness also temperature wise, so during your mass consumption of liquor and endless sweat dripping remember to rehydrate very often, we want the bride in almost perfect condition!

bach pool day

Beach and Pool Day: Champagne showers to cool you down? Yes, please! If you want to have a truly great bachelorette experience check out one of the pool parties, think Miami and Vegas wildness. You can feel like an A-List celeb for the day, hanging out in your own private cabana while endless amount of alcohol and food are brought straight to you via very hot waiter/waitresses. Whenever you’re hot just take a dip in the pool to cool down, and apply lots of sunscreen so that you don’t look like an Oompa Loompa on your wedding way.

Last but not least, BTK can tailor any bachelor/ette party in the world to fit your needs, nothing is too big or too small for us here. We love to make your ultimate party come to life and leave you with a lifetime of memories that you can all have for the rest of your life, so enjoy it because it is the last fling before the ring!

10 Best Girls Weekend Adventures

As the saying goes: Girls just wanna have fun. And when the squad gets together for these girls’ weekend getaways, we promise it’ll be a trip to remember (or maybe you wont remember too much.)


Miami1 Miami2 Miami3

No. 1 – Miami

This past cold winter months had us dreaming of a tropical getaway, and what better spot is more perfect than the sunny, cultural and playful streets of Miami. During the day, gather your girls and treat yourselves to massages and facials at the iconic Spa at Viceroy, or perhaps Lapis Spa, at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Of course, the sun will be blazing in Miami so get your bikini body ready because everyone’s by the water. Go to the beach, head to Hyde Beach’s “Swim Club Saturday” for a pool party with hot DJ’s. Want to go shopping? Walk down Lincoln Road for a little more than just that as you see all kinds of eye candy and experience the South Beach vibe. If you’re art enthusiasts, head to Wynwood for the most creative street art ever seen in one place. There you’ll also explore restaurants, local beer breweries and some of the best urban cultural bars and music. When the sun goes down, end your day the best way you know how – on you’re A game, dancing – either at Wall, Bâoli, Mynt or LIV.


sfo1 sfo2 sfo3

No. 2 – San Francisco

You’ll find San Francisco one of the world’s most scenic cities—the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Chinatown,  steep hills, World’s curviest street, foodie heaven and, of course, fog.  San Francisco ranked so well with girlfriends for three reasons: great restaurantsworld-class wine, and pedestrian-friendly streets. Hayes Street is known for its chic shops and cafés, while Mission is lined with cool bars and shps. You can take guided walking tours, such as Gourmet Walks’ tours out of the Embarcadero. For a wine lovers’ happy hour, check out Claudine French Eatery & Wine Bar, where special vintages are showcased daily, on tap, for just $1 an ounce. And for a meal to remember, call ahead to reserve a table at Wilson & Wilson, a detective-agency-themed bar with a three-drink tasting menu. Take a sexy private pole-dancing class or try a high-energy workout at the House of Air, a trampoline-filled playground that offers workout classes, open jumping time, and even trampoline dodgeball.


nyc2 nyc3 nyc4

 No. 3 – New York City

With an endless amount of things to do, great restaurants, and sightseeing options, it’s hard to know where to start when planning a trip to NYC. We’ve gathered a few of our favorite spots in the city for a weekend with the girls. Making a reservation at the Gansevoort Hotel near Union Square serves as a good starting point as you plan your trip to the city that never sleeps. You can’t go wrong with starting off at a property with close proximity to the High Line as well as Chelsea. Not to mention the rooftop pool where you can take in the city views while enjoying a cocktail. If you want something different, try That Bachelorette Show and spend the night dancing while bachelors compete for your vote until only one remains at this interactive spoof of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Once the bachelor is selected, the rest of the men are up for grabs. Want a little serenity after the loud noises of the city? NYC has got that too. Central park is known for it’s countless number of trails, acres of green space, and several famed attractions.

 nash1 nash2 nash3

No. 4 – Nashville

Music City has exploded recently as one of America’s bachelorette party capitals. And it’s not hard to see why. Besides the fact that it’s the land of live bands, Nashville has refined its honky tonk roots with brand-new boutique hotel openings, creative cocktail bars, and more. The just-opened Thompson is making waves thanks to its Nashville-inspired design and cooler-than-thou vibe.  At night, locals crowd the rooftop bar for craft beers and amazing city views. Big boozers will make a beeline for Broadway, but we’d recommend exploring off-the-beaten-path haunts like Pinewood Social, a sprawling bar-restaurant-bowling alley blend. Nashville’s Honky Tonk Party Express is a roofless bus equipped with large built-in bar, coolers, and a VIP bartender. There is also a sound system and LED dance floor.


sav1 sav2 sav3

 No. 5 – Savannah, GA

This Georgia city filled with historic squares and parks gets high marks for being like the ideal party girl—fun-loving, but polite enough that she never spills her drink. If your dream ladies-night-out is spent on a massage table, The Westin in the Savannah River Street District offers monthly spa evenings, where it stays open late and offers discounts on treatments. No girls’ weekend or bachelorette party is complete without a boozy brunch. Just keep in mind that alcohol isn’t served until 12:30 p.m. on Sundays (it is served beginning at 7 a.m. on all other days). B. Matthew’s is located on Bay Street near the river and serves a delicious Southern brunch in a charming setting. What to order: Fried green tomato benedict or Bay Street scramble.

san1 san2 san3

No. 6 – San Diego

Only on a girlfriends’ getaway can you risk booking a stay at a pink hotel. La Valencia, the 1920s-era hotel in La Jolla that once regularly hosted Cary Grant. It’s walking distance from some of the city’s hottest restaurants like Nine-Ten and Herringbone. In this fitness-loving town, you can also take beginning surfing classes from the chicks-only operator Surf Diva. The best times to visit San Diego, are spring break and the not-so-chilly New Year’s Eve. Must Do’s: 1. Browse the Little Italy Farmers’ Market 2. Take a brewery tour at one of San Diego’s many craft breweries 3. Stroll through Balboa Park. 4. Take the La Jolla Wine Tour and relax while getting the full taste of San Diego. You can even take part of your tour on a tractor!


chi1 chi2 chi3

No. 7 – Chicago

Between its awesome shopping scene and killer foodie scene, the Windy City is a perfect girls’ weekend destination. Browse Bucktown and Wicker Park for indie boutiques. When hunger strikes, nosh on a roasted beet Ruben sandwich with a vanilla milkshake at the retro-cool Spinning J pie and soda spot. For happy hour, don’t miss The Ladies’ Room, a tiny cocktail bar in Logan Square . Then crash at The Robey, a brand new boutique hotel in Wicker Park or the W Riverside with a cool bar and happening scene. Also stroll to the Navy Pier to see what cool events are happening that weekend. Everest serves up elegant and, frankly, sexy French food in downtown Chicago. While it is certainly expensive, it will also be one of the most glorious meals you’ll ever eat.


cha1 cha2 cha3

No. 8 – Charleston

There’s no better place for a dose of Southern charm than Charleston. This South Carolina classic has all the trappings of a girls’ getaway: cool boutiques on King Street, yummy restaurants and charming hotels. Make Zero George Street your home base—housed within five historic 19th-century buildings,  features shady courtyards, wide verandas for sipping tea, and even a test kitchen for on-site cooking classes. And speaking of food, you won’t be at a loss of options in this town. Hit The Grocery for fresh farm-to-table fare, Butcher & Bee lunch deli for the pulled squash BBQ sandwich with pickled cole slaw, and McCrady’s, Sean Brock’s new 22-seat, tasting menu-only concept, for when you can’t get a reservation at his forever-packed Husk. For a laid-back atmosphere and excellent cocktails made by some pretty handsome people, head to The Belmont.


vegas1 vegas2 vegas3

No.9 – Las Vegas

If you and your crew subscribe to the “go hard or go home” mentality, then Sin City is the place to go. Huge clubs with resident world famous DJ’s, booze-infused pool scenes, glitzy casinos—all the ingredients to a weekend of regret. When you’re not recovering, go to the Neon Museum for awesome selfies, a two-acre “boneyard” of Vegas’s iconic signs, catch a show at the Bellagio or Wynn, or flex that plastic at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace, The Boulevard or Miracle Mile. Then head up to one of the rooftop bars for sunset views of the strip (our favorite is the Skyfall Lounge on the 64th floor of the Delano hotel).


no1 no2 no3

No. 10 – New Orleans

In the land of beignets, po-boys and kicked-up cajun cuisine, a weekend in the Big Easy is all about eating and drinking and well deserved hangovers. Start the pig fest with the creole-inspired brunch (hellooo 25 cent martinis!) at Commander’s Palace. And we can’t leave out classics like Cafe Du Monde’s famous deep-fried pastry, and Bevi Seafood Co.’s peacemaker po-boy full of fried shrimp, swiss cheese and roast beef gravy with a side of seafood gumbo. New places worth checking out include Josephine Estelle, an Italian osteria at the just-opened Ace Hotel (where you should be staying) and Kenton’s, a chic southern eatery that features a whiskey-based menu (our favorite: crispy grits with country ham and bourbon aioli). Couchon serves fantastic Cajun-style seafood for your New Orleans bachelorette party? Be sure to make a reso at this trendy spot—it fills up fast!

Pinterest Top Wedding Trends of 2017

If you are getting married soon, or just a girl with a bit of wedding fever you definitely have a Pinterest account and maybe even your very own story board on there too. This year has brought us some beautiful new wedding crazes that are perfect for the Boho princess in you. Now if your wedding is taking place in 2017 you don’t have to spend hours of time looking for the hottest trends because we found them for you!

  1. Greenery

greenery1 greenery2 greenery3

2. Fairytale

fairy1 fairy2 fairy3

3. Personalized Drink Stations

drink1 drink2 drink3

4. Boho Chic Flower Hair

boho1 boho2 boho3

5. Pops of Bright Flowers

pops1 pops2 pops3

6. High Hanging Flowers and Lights

high high2 high3

Words that mean something totally different when you’re single vs. in a relationship



What it means when you’re single: The person who most frequently asks “Have you met anyone yet?”


What it means in a relationship: “When will you become one?” The question that every person who knows about your relationship will ask.


What it means when you’re single: Something that you no longer do, because who cares?


What it means in a relationship: The act of removing your hair so that you look more desirable to your S.O. and so that he doesn’t suspect that you’re a real human being with hair.


What it means when you’re single: Day dreams of celebs you wish to marry.


What it means in a relationship: A derogatory way your friends refer to you and your boo.


What it means when you’re single: A group of girls getting together to drink unlimited amounts of mimosas and/or Bloody Marys, and then stumbling into their Ubers early in the afternoon.


What it means in a relationship: Trying very hard to stay at a low buzz while making an effort to impress your S.O.’s family.

Getting Ready For a Date:

What it means when you’re single: Head to toe shaving/waxing, moisturizing, blow drying, plucking, LBD, heels, make up, the fifth circle of hell.

What it means in a relationship: Throw on the first outfit you see lying around and run out the door.


What it means when you’re single: An argument between you and yourself about whether or not you should order a pizza for you.


What it means in a relationship: Mainly consists of arguing over a bunch of little things and bullshit, usually ends in hot make up sex.


What it means when you’re single: Sleeping until 4PM, and then making zero effort to move for the rest of the day, because you have no one to answer to.


What it means in a relationship: 6 hour long trips to Ikea together.


What it means when you’re single: Your best friend.


What it means in a relationship: Usually a romantic drink shared over dinner between couples.

Netflix and Chill:

What it means when you’re single: Body pillow cuddles, a bottle of wine, a pizza to the face, and whatever you feel like watching, even if you have seen it a hundred times; with no judgment.

netflix n chill

What it means in a relationship: Cuddling with your S.O. while you watch tv and movies together. Cue in lots of make out sessions and sex.


What it means when you’re single: Very into something. Entertained. Enthralled.


What it means in a relationship: Something you, your friends, and family are all waiting for you to be.

Valentine’s Day:

What it means when you’re single: Getting very excited for February 15th; clearance on all chocolate and stuffed animals! So winning.


What it means in a relationship: Your guy will be spending lots of money on flowers, chocolate, dinner, and romance all in hope of getting laid.. and maybe trying something new.


What it means when you’re single: Loud but great music. Dressing in slutty clothing with lots of cleavage in hopes of getting free drinks from some grimy dude on the dance floor, then laughing about it with your crew.


What it means in a relationship: Book club? Country club? Golf club?


What it means when you’re single: Crying about Forever Alone, or living your life the way you want when you want!


What it means in a relationship: “Babe, do you have an singles in your wallet? I’m a dollar short”

Why to Use A Travel Agent!

In 2017 people seem to think that travel agents are becoming obsolete when this could not be more inaccurate. For a few years there was a decrease in the use of travel agents, but in recent years they have come flocking back to us, when they realized all of the positives that we bring to the travel experience! These are just a few reasons why booking through a travel agent is the best way to go.

One of the major reasons why travel agents are essential is because we have the knowledge on the subject that you can’t trust anywhere else. Most of the time, our information comes from first hand We have traveled the world, visited multiple hotels in the cities, tried food from the best restaurant in each place to the yummiest holes in the wall, and we do it all for you, and to be selfish for us also.


The most precious thing you have is time so why waste it by looking at multiple websites. Well, you don’t have to, that is exactly what we are here for. You tell us what you’re looking for and the budget, we will find the perfect place for you.

So now that we have saved you a lot of time and energy, we are going to do even more for you and get you some freebies. As travel agents we have access to many special amenities that you would never be able to receive through booking online such as free breakfast, welcome, upgrades amenities, food and beverage or spa credits included, and even early check in and late check-out for your convenience!

upgrade 1

As an industry, we are essential to people that travel often, especially when going to places with extreme weather conditions or possible terrorism. When booking online if there is a problem you are usually stuck on hold for hours at a time on their generic hotline. We would never leave you abandoned; your travel agent will be at your beck and call 24/7 and will solve your problems for you!


As travel agents we are always up to date on all of the rules in the industry, so we are able to cut through the clutter and produce the best results for you!

it will fit

The internet can be extremely misleading, the pictures are usually very touched and/or outdated, and they cannot always be trusted. As your travel agent our job is to know what is going on at the properties, maintenance, construction etc.. that you would not know from booking online.

pool closed

We can create incredible once in a lifetime experiences for you through the contacts and relationships that we have made throughout the years, and you will never find access to these. Some examples; dinner in one of the towers of The Great Wall of China, having a bazaar set up for you personally in Morocco, elephant rides through the jungle complete with champagne, just to name a few. These are the type of experiences that will last you a lifetime.

great wall

Planning your own vacation is like getting a tattoo, little mistakes can make all the difference. Remember, the internet is for looking, travel agents are for booking!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Jamaica!


bach jamaica

Recently BTK had a great experience in testing the waters for you and hitting up Jamaica for a bachelorette party, these are some of our tips on how to make it the perfect vacation! And don’t forget to try the Jerk Chicken, it’s a must to get a real taste of the island.

Do: Pack lots of sunscreen, as someone of European descent I have learned firsthand how harsh the Caribbean sun can be, trust me, my sun burns and peeling are the realest testament to this. Plus they charge $25 for it in the hotel, and it may be even more painful than the burn to pay those prices!


Don’t: Forget to set up transfers ahead of time, when you land in Montego Bay there are many people trying to fight for your attention and cab service. They may overcharge you, or try to rip you off so be careful. (BTK can totally set this up for you)


Do: Stay in an all-inclusive hotel while you are visiting, the bill can definitely add up when you are doing nothing but drinking, eating, and bumming it out on the beach. This is the best way to make sure you stay within your budget, if you are traveling on one!


Don’t: Wander around the city without knowing where you are going, while Montego Bay is a pretty touristy area you don’t want to end up in the wrong part of town. Speak to your agent or concierge to figure out what the ideal place is for you to visit.


Do: Send your bachelor/bachelorette gear to the hotel ahead of time. We spoke to the concierge and many hotels are more than willing to help decorate the room ahead of time so when you arrive you are already in the spirit!

bach stuff

Don’t: Expect premium liquor if you are staying in an all-inclusive though, the best brands they had at our hotel were Skyy vodka, and Smirnoff (unless you pay extra for the premium drinks). As a result of this, pace yourself, and drink lots and lots of water. The hot sun + shitty alcohol can be headache inducing.


Do: Try to spend more time than just a weekend there. While it is great for people on the east coast to pop in for a quick weekend getaway, this is so not the case for everyone, and even as Miami natives we were so sad to leave after what felt like the fastest weekend of our lives. Try to take advantage of your travel days and make the most of your weekend.


Don’t: Come empty handed. Being in the Caribbean, the weather is incredibly bipolar, one second will be the hottest sun you have ever felt and within 30 seconds you can be stuck in wind and rain so have a backup plan. Our suggestion would be to bring some card games that can easily be made into drinking games, for example; Cards Against Humanity, Taboo, Bachelorette games, etc. It will distract you from the weather and give you the ultimate bonding experience! (at least it did for us)


Do: Make sure you have an incredible time, and take lots of pictures because the view of the beach on one side and mountains on the other is to die for! It is something spectacular, and impossible to get sick of.


The Best Destinations for Millennial’s in 2017

By: Michelle L.

Costa Rica: This beautiful little country is the perfect place for the adventurer in you. This land has been basically untouched and still holds its natural beauty; surrounded by beaches, waterfalls, greenery, and the incredible scenery of the volcanoes will leave you in awe. While the country itself is impressive, all of the activities that you can do make it even more worthwhile; zip lining while taking in the view of the rainforest? You can do that here! Visiting the places where Jurassic Park was filmed? You can do that here. Hiking the volcanoes near the city of La Fortuna? Check! That is just the beginning of it, so whether you are doing some crazy activity, or being lazy on the beach in San Jose you will be truly living the Pura Vida!

canopy-pic3 Arenal-Volcano-II1-500x381

Greece: Did Lena’s adventures in Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants make you absolutely fall in love with Greece? Because it did for me, I’m pretty sure it is the exact reason why I went for the first time. If you are looking for a good excuse to visit Europe take advantage of their declining economy and go while it is cheap. The adorable blue and white painted houses in Santorini that you have seen so many pictures of are even better in person. Dancing all day and night at the beach clubs that litter the island of Mykonos, or even Crete; the largest island which has pretty cheap nightlife, restaurant, and hotels!

super-paradise-mykonos-11 Beautiful-purple-moonlight-Santorini-wallpaper

Hungary: While you are stopping in Europe we would definitely recommend taking a few days to explore this beautiful country; mainly Budapest. There is so much to see here in terms of culture, there are both sides to visit, Buda and Pest. They have the St. Stephens Basilica, the Jewish quarter, Parliament, and so many more things to see and do. When you’re done with all the sightseeing head over to 7 District for beer that is cheaper than water, and bar hopping non-stop all night!

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Colombia: This vibrant country has so much to offer. If you are looking for a big city, you have it waiting for you in Bogota, it is perched high in the mountains and has beautiful views of everything surrounding it. Get on the chivas in famed wild city of Cartagena, you can enjoy shots of aguardiente while you all drunkenly sing together; and what an experience it is. Wake up the next day and take a boat over to the islands surrounding and sleep off that hangover while getting tan, it’s a win-win! Medellin is one of the most up and coming places in the world and known as the “City of Eternal Spring” for its year round weather. It is not to be missed, as well as the nature, the city, and museums are worth visiting, plus flashbacks to Vinny Chase’s movie on Entourage!


USA: With 50 states; there is absolutely something for everyone to do here. You can smoke a blunt and visit Red Rocks Amphitheatre in the state of Colorado, and then visit every craft brewery you can find along the way. Visiting many of the national parks that The United States has to offer; including one of the most epic sights in the world, The Grand Canyon at sunset, one of the most surreal views I have ever seen. If you’re looking for less mountains and nature, but a lot more partying you can hit up Miami or Sin City (Vegas) to get your fill of 24 hours of debauchery. Beach? We have you covered, the golden coast of California has delicious food, cities, views, and of course, celebrities! America may be a young country but we have a vast history that you can explore in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and Texas to name a few. This can continue on and on because there is so much to offer!

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