Guy’s Guide To Getting Married

Guy’s Guide to Getting Married

People like to joke that grooms simply need to show up on their wedding day, but that’s really not true. While brides do carry a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to wedding planning, grooms can and should be involved throughout the entire process. Today we’re breaking down what exactly grooms should help with from start to finish. Follow our advice fellas and your bride will never forget why she wanted to marry you in the first place.

Get the Ring

First and foremost, your biggest responsibility is to purchase an engagement ring. This can be a daunting task but your family and friends will be there to help you along the way. First, determine what your budget will be by looking at your savings or consider an engagement ring loan to finance this important purchase. If your partner has hinted strongly towards a particular ring style you’ll be ahead of the game, but if not try stopping into a few jewelry stores with her to get an idea of what she would like. Asking her friends and family for ideas could be helpful as well, as long as they’re good at keeping secrets!

Pop the Question

Once you’ve got the ring it’s time to plan the proposal! Make sure you put some thought into how you’re going to propose and do it in a way that fits your future fianceé and your relationship. Some people might appreciate a loud, public proposal while others would cringe at the idea. Take her personality into consideration and plan something that will make her feel special, loved and hopefully a little surprised!

Have an Opinion

This one sounds simple, but it’s one brides complain about all the time. If your fianceé asks for your opinion on anything wedding related, don’t just say “I don’t know” or worse “I don’t care”. It’s your wedding too, so if they ask what you think, put some thought into it and give a real answer. Your fianceé will appreciate your thoughtfulness even if they don’t completely agree with the opinion you’ve shared.
Pick out Your Tux

While tux shopping doesn’t get all of the pomp and circumstance that wedding dress shopping does, it’s still exciting to pick out what you’ll wear on your wedding day. You’ll want to look sharp for your bride, so whether you’re using a rental or buying a new suit, proper tailoring will make a huge difference. Make sure you order your attire well in advance so there’s no stressing out about if your suit will arrive on time for the big day.
Wrangle the Groomsmen

Your fianceé might have enough of a headache trying to get her bridesmaids on the same page, so don’t let her worry about your groomsmen too. Make sure you get a group chat going and inform them well ahead of time of all important dates they need to attend. You should also be responsible for picking out the groomsmen’s outfits (with input from the bride) and making sure they all acquire the right attire in time to have it tailored, cleaned and looking great for the big day.
Pick Out a Wedding Band

After you’ve purchased her engagement ring don’t forget that you’re about to get some bling of your own! Start shopping for your wedding band three to four months before the wedding so you have time to browse or get something customized if you want. Unique looking black rings or silicone rings for extreme activities are two popular men’s ring trends you may want to look into.
Have an Awesome Bachelor Party

Your Best Man will probably take the lead on this, but you’ll definitely want to help out with some of the planning. Luckily, we’ve got plenty of deals on everything from party busses to pub crawls to make your bachelor party unforgettable. It’s not often you’ll have all of your best buddies together for an occasion like this, so feel free to go all out and make it a memory you’ll never forget.
Get Your Marriage License

This is an easy one for you to take the reins on and take some stress off your future wife. Some quick online research will tell you what documents are needed to obtain your marriage license and how far in advance you can get one. Schedule a lunch date and visit to the city clerk to get the paperwork taken care of and take a moment to relax from the stress of wedding planning.
Plan One Small Surprise

Your bride will likely know every detail of your  wedding day down to the minute it’s supposed to happen, so if you can, try to slip in a small surprise for her. It could be as extravagant as a special piece of jewelry or a huge choreographed dance with your groomsmen, or as simple  as a sweet handwritten note. She’ll love knowing you put the time and thought into surprising her on such a special day and it will become a memory you’ll both cherish.

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