A Miami Nightclub for Every Occasion – 2018 Edition!


Wall – This is the perfect venue for all of you trying to be up close and intimate with the DJ, they are literally within a hands reach from you, if you can make it through the crazy crowd of Miami locals. Famed for their Tuesday night Brazilian Favela parties, you can get a taste of Miami’s sin and fun here.

The Downside: Their table service is great… unless you’re put in one of the tables in the front of the club, if you are here you are not fully in the crowd and don’t get to experience the real insanity.



LIV – From the second you walk into this world famous hot spot, you will feel like a celeb and most like be dancing the night away right next to them. When you look down at the crowd from the top of their lavish staircase and see thousands of people partying and popping bottles, all your inhibitions will melt away. They also just went through a multi-million dollar renovation ensuring that you will have the most up to date tech and LED lights for the perfect snaps!

The Downside: Basically, no matter what time you get there you will be 6 feet deep in a crowd of people trying to talk to the same bouncer.

rockwell miami

Rockwell – Opened by famed nightclub manager Chris Paciello, this new hotspot on Washington Ave opened during Art Basel week of 2016 and has been making waves since. This smaller scale lounge/club is known for its hip hop night on Mondays, and has seen celebs like Khaled, Rick Ross, Lenny Kravitz, and many more. The layout of the club is reminiscent of a New York lounge mixed with some Miami energy, plus new and old school hip hop to satiate every group! The ceiling is littered with neon lights, the bottle girls are beautiful, wearing next to nothing and carrying bottles topped with sparklers parading through the crowds like your very own VIP show.

The Downside: You need to be either model status, or have the best connections in the world because the doorman that holds the clipboard and entrance is usually an asshole.


11even – Put your cameras away, and get your wallets out. It’s time to eat, drink, dance, and see some titties. This also happens to be our cities first 24 hour club, so you can do this in 20,000sq feet of space at any time of day you please! We recommend this as an afterhours club, drink the night away in the SoFlo area of your choice and then lose your inhibitions here until the sun comes up.

The Downside: Sorry ladies, the dancers are for the boys, not a male stripper in sight. If you are getting a table for a specific DJ you want to see make sure it is in the pit or dancefloor, you can’t see much from the outer surrounding tables.

story miami

Story – Owned by the same people as LIV it’s no surprise that this venue has the best line up of any club here. Not only will names like The Chainsmokers, Zedd, and Tiesto spinning here regularly blow you away, but their light shows will have you tripping without the molly. This massive 27,000- square- foot space is different than many of the Miami clubs because of its vast size, there are lots of areas to hang out without being thrown around like a rag doll in the crowd. The hanging disco balls, complement the circus-style setting perfectly, so you can let loose. In the words of Britney Spears all eyes on you in the center of the ring!

The Downside: You will most likely have to take a cab from almost anywhere because Story is in SoFi and not surrounded by other clubs, so no chance of bar hopping here. BUT they do have Big Pink, the iconic Miami staple late night eatery for all your drunk munchie needs.


Basement – Ice skating, bowling, and clubbing, Oh My! You can find these activities in one convenient location on the beach. Ladies, don’t forget to go on Wednesday night to partake for free.

The Downside: It is a little bit hard to find as it is literally in the basement of the Edition hotel, so you must go through a bit to get there but, so worth it!


Doheny Room – Situated inside of the famed Delano Hotel, Los Angeles’ hotspot Doheny Room has come to Miami. They take the chic Phillipe Stark decor and incorporate it into the design of their stylish and sophisticated new hotspot. They describe themselves as the “anti-club” playlist with classic, Indie rock, 80’s jams, and old school hip hop flow effortlessly through the speakers. They have affordable tables that aren’t burning a hole in your wallet, and a small loungey vibe with all the fixings of a Miami nightclub.

The Downside: Unlike almost every other place in Miami, this bar closes at 2AM instead of the typical 5AM, so plan this as a stop on your night and not your entire plan.


Mynt – Either you’re a business man with a night off, or a hot frat boy from UM with a trustfund and daddys credit card, this is the place to ball out. With millions spent on yearly renovations, you will never get tired of this club no matter how many times you go.

The Downside: Unless you are purchasing a table, these door men are not very friendly and will leave you out in the cold. We would definitely recommend having BTK reserve you a table to ensure a successful night.


Space – They say you haven’t lived until you see the sunrise from this 15+ year old legendary EDM scene. Open after hours Space is definitely somewhere we suggest on your trip to Miami, although we do suggest showing up at around 3 or 4AM, almost every local has been there at least once. So grab your glowsticks, pick your vice of the night, and rave until the afternoon. P.S. On Heat game nights, we love to people watch all you walk of shamers.

The Downside: It is really grimy, and savage, not what you would be used to in an average Miami club. Then again, this is definitely not your average SoFlo club, think way more drugs, less class, and all of the fun.

hyde beach

Hyde Beach – Bikinis. Katsuya. Champagne showers. Do we have your attention yet? SBE has done it yet again, they have brought the West Coast magic to Miami to provide us with one of the few places where you can drink all day, and keep it going throughout the night. Their name got them started but they have branded themselves by their awesome weekend pool parties. They go all out to ensure you have the best time and forget where you are. The pitchers of signature cocktails will make your taste buds explode while getting you nice and drunk along the way. Embrace the endless amounts of champagne being sprayed at you, wash it off in the pool, and prepare yourself for dancing the night away without ever having to go anywhere.

The Downside: If you’re coming with a group you will probably need some kind of bottle service, the reason why it is a downside is because of the pricing, it will cost quite a bit, but your ratchet memories will last forever.

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