Tips For Your Costa Rica Vacation!

Costa Rica is one of the hottest destinations in the world right now, and we’re not just talking about the weather. They have so many different things to do here from laying around and bumming on the beach, to awesome adventure tours like white water rafting, and zip-lining (to name a few). Here are a few our tips to ensure you have the best and most successful trip!

CR 4x4

If you are going to be driving yourself around, make sure you have a working phone with internet access when driving as the streets are not well marked. You will absolutely need GPS.  Pro tip: If you can handle a 4-wheeler, we recommend it, it will kick up your adventure and you will have lots of fun.

car rental1

When renting a car in Costa Rica you will have to use a credit card, there will be about a $1000 pending hold on your card but you will never be charged that. Keep in mind that gas is expensive, and we cannot stress this enough, stay sober because the winding roads can be scary.

trekking CR

If you think a path looks interesting, take it you never know where it will take you

santa teresa

Enjoy the areas of Costa Rica that are still up and coming; Santa Teresa, Dominical, Nosara.


If you’re going to the tour do the best of the best; Ziplining in Arenal at Sky Adventures, rafting the Pauquare River, looking for sloths in Limon, enjoying the beach in Domincal.


Enjoying a day at Manuel Antonio National Park looking for unique animals and enjoying a day at the beach is one of our favorite ventures out here!

manuel antonio

Always try to see where the locals go, usually its off the beaten path but an experience you will never forget.

locals CR

Capitals are great but there’s so much to do in Costa Rica, don’t waste so much time in San Jose.

not san jose

Keep in mind how long it takes to go from city to city, the roads are long,  winding and with interesting traffic, so add at least 2 hours to your trip.


Enjoy the Pura Vida attitude!

Ideas for a Spring Bachelorette Party!

So you’re having a spring bachelorette party? We got you covered!

  • Glamping: Hear me out here first before you write this off! This is a great way to be able to breathe in that fresh air, awe-inspiring nature views, and of course the splendor of the outdoors without having to give up all the luxuries you are so accustomed to. You know, like beds, showers, even wine and cheese in a hot tub under the stars…. And wi-fi. Yes, you saw that correctly, wi-fi. This is not your dad’s camping trip.


  • Bridal Paintball: Haven’t heard of this one? That’s what we’re here for. You need to have quite the sense of humor for this one, and a sense of adventure. Gather your squad, put on your most hideous past bridesmaid dresses and hit the paintball field. Get down and dirty, don’t be afraid to ruin that dress.. this may even improve them in some cases!


  • Pool Party: This is not new or inventive but is one of the most popular for a reason, it is so much fun! You and your besties dancing around the pool in adorable matching suits, to the sounds of hard bass while being waited on hand and foot, with delicious food and flowing pitchers of alcohol, YASSSSSSSSS PLEASE!

pool party

  • Pole Dancing Class: Get your sexy on! Champagne and pole dancing may sound like a dangerous combination but you will not regret this. It is a great way to learn some new moves for your future hubby while making some memories that you and your party will have for a lifetime.


  • Take a Cocktail Class: For the movers and shakers.. Or rather cocktail shaking, making, and tasting! If you have a passion for alcohol this is for you. Get a little boozy while learning something you can use as your next party trick. You get the chance to experiment with herbs, alcohols, and flavors all for a customized drink tailored to your liking, made by you, and named by you.


  • Music Festival: Tis’ the season for music, and lots of it. Festival season starts in spring, and there are so many different types to accommodate any type of taste you may have, from the biggest mainstream acts like; Beyonce, Eminem, Halsey, Travis Scott, The Killers to the most eccentric tastes. These events are usually about 3 days giving you optimal amounts of time to spend shaking your hips together on your last big fling before the ring. Plus, entertainment and food are done for you!

 music festival

  • Scavenger Hunt: Do you know everything there is to know about the happy couple? Well, let us put this to the real test with a scavenger hunt. Each question is customized and tailored to suit the bride, so get your knowledge in, while drinking, and exploring the city of your choosing. Trust us, you will have a blast.

scavenger hunt 

  • Yacht: Catch some rays while living in a day of pure luxury, just like you deserve. Does anything sound better than champagne, seafood, and a captain catering to all your bachelorette needs? No, I didn’t think so!


Here at Before The Knot, we can make all of your bachelorette party dreams become a reality, we customize and tailor everything to your budget, needs, and group preferences. We do all of the planning, so you can have all the fun!