Cool Bachelorette Ideas for Summer

Wedding season is here, which also means bachelor/ette parties are in full swing, or at least they should be. Summer is the perfect time because what’s better than sunshine, spa, special deals, and spritzers? Here are some unique ideas that BTK can totally pull off for you, we do all the planning so you can have all the fun!


Camp No Counselors: Their tagline is “Play like a kid, party like a grown up” and that sounds like it’s right up our alley. Some of the activities on their line up include; bobbing for apples, archery, tubing, yoga, paddleboarding, zip lining, slip n’ slide, even a talent show and so much more. This incredible experience is an all-inclusive, weekend long sleepaway camp for grown-ups. Because we’re adulating in this version of camp everything includes alcohol, mimosas and Bloody Marys for breakfast, margaritas at lunch, happy hour, and a nightly themed party with open bar.

bachelorette scav.

Scavenger Hunt: Who doesn’t love originality? Everyone does of course. Here at Before The Knot we have custom designed hunts that will absolutely make your bride-to-be feel as special as she should. We can make it so that everything revolves around the couple or bride, solving riddles to have a shot where they had their first date, or puzzles to get them to the place where they shared their first kiss! Exciting and unique.

bach glmping

Glamping: The thought of camping in the woods might make you cringe as much as it makes me but glamping is a whole other ball game. Grab a group of your girls or guys, a fuck ton of s’mores, booze, bbq, bathing suits and find a campsite near you… or a gorgeous house in the mountains to elevate that glamping experience!


Slumber party: picture your weekend nights circa 1998, all of your best friends in their roll out sleeping bags, or cramming in beds. The excitement of being able to stay up for all hours of the night while telling secrets, doing each others hair, and playing games will always be one of our fondest memories growing up. Now, add alcohol to all of those activities and they are already infinitely better. Bring some bachelorette games and turn them into drinking games to ensure maximum fun for all, and a lot of hilarious stories you’ll always have.

bach cooking party

Cooking party: Get an early start on your wifey duties by learning the art of cooking.. JK what is this 1950? This has nothing to do with your wifey duties, mainly we just want to see how many phallic shaped foods you can make in a day!

boys and girls

Boys vs. Girls: Planning a co-ed bachelorette and bachelor party? Split the groups up, boys v. girls, and get ready to compete! Play a mix of board games, video games, trivia games, and silly wedding games. We’re cheering you on girls as it is always important to remember that girls rule, and boys drool!

pole dancing bach

Pole Dancing: Yes, that’s right we want you to get on the pole! Follow the teachers instructions in a private class with your besties and by the end of the session you’ll have some new moves that will seriously impress your S.O… or have him a bit worried about your past.

bach tea party

Host a Tea Party: For a bit of classier affair; as you can invite anyone from your mother in law to your 12 year old niece this is the perfect idea for all ages. Make a beautiful spread complete with adorable mini sandwiches, various flavorful teas, and some cute desserts (maybe macaroons). For a way to take this to the next level, make it Alice in Wonderland themed, the mad hatter loves a good party.

bach music festival

Concert or Music Festival: With summer being here music festival season is in full swing and this is a great opportunity for some once in a lifetime memories. You can leave your inhibitions at home while you dance the weekend away with your crew to some of the biggest names in music. Everything about this is; in Mugatus words “so hot right now” not just hot though in terms of coolness also temperature wise, so during your mass consumption of liquor and endless sweat dripping remember to rehydrate very often, we want the bride in almost perfect condition!

bach pool day

Beach and Pool Day: Champagne showers to cool you down? Yes, please! If you want to have a truly great bachelorette experience check out one of the pool parties, think Miami and Vegas wildness. You can feel like an A-List celeb for the day, hanging out in your own private cabana while endless amount of alcohol and food are brought straight to you via very hot waiter/waitresses. Whenever you’re hot just take a dip in the pool to cool down, and apply lots of sunscreen so that you don’t look like an Oompa Loompa on your wedding way.

Last but not least, BTK can tailor any bachelor/ette party in the world to fit your needs, nothing is too big or too small for us here. We love to make your ultimate party come to life and leave you with a lifetime of memories that you can all have for the rest of your life, so enjoy it because it is the last fling before the ring!