Are you dating or is it something else?



Dating is an art. It’s okay if you are just starting your dating life and don’t know the rules but if you are dating a lazy ass who doesn’t give a shit about your stuff, makes you feel unappreciated and doesn’t treat you the same way you do, you might have to bitch slap him out of your life cause you are NOT dating! Here are some guidelines to help you:

1. “NETFLIX AND CHILL” ISN’T A DATE.  – If this is the basis of your daily life with him, it’s not dating. Hanging out and getting food delivered is stuff singles do every day. He should be more proactive, making fun plans, taking you out in public, to nice places and making an effort to do the things you like and fun stuff for both.

next flix and chill

2. IF HE IS NOT ANSWERING YOU FAST, HUGE RED FLAG!No matter which form of communication you guys are using, if he is always “BUSY” something smells FISHY! If he is serious about you, he will always make the time to see you and answer your messages.

not answering

3. COMING OVER ONLY LATE AT NIGHT ISN’T ROMANTIC. So he says he is thinking about  you at 2 a.m. on a Saturday night after he’s been drinking with his buddies and wants to see you last minute, WRONG! You are not  Walgreens or a 24-hour drive-thru. Booty calls are signs of disrespect in  most cases, so stand your ground, let his call go to voicemail and chill. He ain’t worth it!

booty call

4. DO YOU FEEL APPRECIATED? Dating should be an olympic sport. It is way to complicated and dumbasses just make it worst. If he does not make you feel like the Queen you are, get rid of his lazy ass and keep looking for Mr. Right. Assholes are a dime a dozen so you can always pick a new one, but don’t settle unless he is making you feel special, appreciated and beautiful!


5. LIFE IS SHORT AND THEN YOU ARE 40 – Do you really have time to waste on a non-caring, obnoxious, self absorbed, narcissist that makes you feel like shit often? YOU DON”T! .When you meet the right guy who is truly into you, he’ll make you feel excited  every day and you shouldn’t expect anything less.


6. IF SEX IS ALL IT’S ABOUT, YOU ARE NOT DATING!  Good sex is awesome! It makes you feel good about yourself, it’s like you are in cloud 9 for days and is great for your mental and physical health. But if that is the only serious part of your relationship, go work out and kick the shit out of him instead. You can always hook up on Tinder if you are so inclined, but don’t convince yourself it is something serious because the sex is great. You need him to be there for you in every way!

great sex

7. WHAT HE DOES WHEN YOU ARE DATING IS WHAT HE WILL DO WHEN HE IS YOUR BOYFRIEND – People are the way they are and won’t change, so if there are things you don’t like, deal breakers , when you are dating, get out now! Whatever these issues are, they will probably only get worse, not better. He won’t become generous, attentive or romantic overnight. What you see is most probably what you get!

shitty boyfriend

8. IF HE REALLY LISTENS TO YOU, THERE IS A CHANCE . Most guys will say whatever necessary to get into your pants and agree to anything you have to say. Pay attention to wether he is really listening to you and being responsive to your needs and requests. This will set the tone for your relationship and to you feeling like you are partners, in every sense of the word. Listening is a sign of respect and when they don’t listen run like the road runner, as fast as you can cause he ain’t worth it.


he listens

CONCLUSION – Relationships are hard and they require work from both sides. We have discussed red flags and attitudes you should be aware of to be able to decide if he is really into you. There are much better things you could be doing with your time than dating a guy that can’t seem to figure you out. But also understand you have to do your part, treat them the way you expect to be treated. Keep your expectations low but real, decide what the deal breakers are and stick to them.