The Do’s and Don’ts of Oktoberfest!

By: Michelle L. (London)

Oktoberfest is here, and we hope you are ready for all of the craziness that comes with it, because it will be a few days full of crazy shenanigans! We experienced it firsthand, so that we can give you the best tips to enjoy your first time in the holy land of beer!

Do come to Munich for Oktoberfest, but stay for the incredible city it is in! Stay a few days here and make sure to squeeze in some tours because the city is filled with so much interesting history, you can’t leave without learning some of it.

munich-main 4-day-munich-to-frankfurt-romantic-road-linderhof-hohenschwangau-in-munich-115687

Don’t forget your lederhosen and dirndl! These are the German names for the traditional dress for the festival. We thought it was only a tourist thing and we were dead wrong, about 80% of the people who show up here are dressed in their outfits and completely rocking them!

DSC03881 DSC03873

Do reserve a table and seating beforehand (we can make this happen for you). With this you pay for the table, reserved seating with the best views, a liter of beer per person, a spread of traditional Bavarian appetizers, and a full German meal. Plus it totally takes away the stress of having to get there super early to try and get seating in the non-reserved area, plus it is your table for the whole night.

Italy and Munich 112

Don’t expect to be able to walk through the grounds with your beer. We thought they would sell them all over the place, but this is not the case! They only sell beers in the tents set up in the area.


Do make sure you check out every single tent there is to see, there are about 12 throughout the Oktoberfest grounds and they each have their own design and completely different vibes! They also each hold between 6,000-10,000 people who are drinking heavily so always fun for people watching!

September-Oktoberfest-Munich-Germany-2 aerial okt Italy and Munich 110

Don’t be on a major budget when you go here, it is a once in a lifetime experience, and they take the opportunity to charge for basically everything. Even just plain water will cost you at least 5 Euros so keep that in mind before you go.

Do Bring lots of cash, most places that we went to in Munich were cash only, so make sure you have enough and don’t rely on credit card usage!

Don’t be alarmed by the big security increases, they are there for your protection after all, and most are extremely nice, and speak basically perfect English!

security oktober

Do know that you will be getting extremely drunk, the beers are strong and in huge glasses (the first few sips definitely take 2 hands to hold the glass.) By the third one you will definitely need both hands.

Italy and Munich 119

Don’t worry lightweights, if straight beer is not your thing, we recommend a Radler; this is a deliciously refreshing mix of beer and lemonade!

Do learn some of the Oktoberfest classic songs before you go; each tent has a band that plays a very random mix of music. About half of it is easily recognizable classic rock music, while the other half is lots of German songs that everyone seems to know the words to, so you don’t want to be completely left out! Plus there is nothing like being in a crowd of thousands drunkenly screaming all the songs together.

DSC03943 (2) DSC03944 (2)

Don’t Put your foot on the table unless you are ready to down that entire beer, because if you do you will look like a complete idiot, sorry not sorry!

Do leave your backpacks at home guys, as they are not allowed in! For women, don’t take a purse because there is a lot of pickpocketing that goes on here.

Don’t get on the rides after all that beer, you don’t want to be puking! Get there early and enjoy everything there is to see, including the rides and games because the grounds are huge and everything is more exciting than the next so enjoy everything they have to offer. It’s open from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm.

rides okt

Do have the best time ever! This is a once in a lifetime experience so make sure to make the most of it, don’t skimp on the little things and take advantage of everything there is to do.

DSC03911 (2) Italy and Munich 108


10 Reasons why hotel sex is better

do not disturb

After hundreds of hours of extensive research on the subject (fun as hell research by the way!), we have come to the unmistakable conclusion that hotel sex rocks! There are many factors at play here that come together to create the perfect hotel soiree…

You are away from our usual habitat so you are more adventurous


You are probably on vacation so you are in chill mode and practically naked most of the day


Room Service is just 45 minutes away (you don’t even have to get dressed for food, Yay!)

Young Couple Wearing Bathrobes Having Breakfast in Bed

The (mini) bar is in the room so alcohol is probably partially guilty


Hotels have sexy bathrooms that beckon some indoor acrobatics


Hotel beds are awesome, fluffy, bouncy and you never want to leave them


There is an intimacy kit in the mini-bar (it’s included, right?)


You don’t have to clean the room, wash dishes or any humdrum chores (look how happy the cleaning lady looks)

messy room

That couples massage you had at the spa has made you horny


Because your room has this!

kirini-honeymoon-suite (5)

Tips for surviving a girlfriend getaway!

A girl’s trip can be a something you’ll remember forever or your worst nightmare come true. Clashing personalities, petty fights and poor planning can derail even the best-intentioned adventure. Here are some tips to ensure your friendship survives the trip….


Get everyone’s input – Regarding the destination and the activities, let the majority rule.


Compare your travel styles – Traveling is a much more intimate experience than hanging out so make sure you know what you are getting into before you sign up.

Woman and airplane


Study the destination – Make sure you know as much as possible about your destination to make sure you don’t miss anything important, avoid tourist traps and have a clear idea of what to expect.


Set a budget – This is very important! If you want everyone to participate, make sure you plan something everyone can afford.


Book as far in advance as possible – To get the best deals, try to book your getaway as soon as possible to make sure you can benefit from the cheapest airfare and hotel deals. Use a knowledgeable travel consultant.

Exploring all her travel options

Consider an all-inclusive destination – Cruises and all-inclusive hotels are a great idea when traveling in groups to avoid splitting bills and so that everyone knows ahead of time how much the trip will cost.


Plan some down time – Don’t plan too many activities each day. Leave some time to relax, sleep late and for spontaneous plans that will only happen when you are there.

down time

Interact with the locals – Locals will give you the best travel recommendations. Also don’t be afraid to try the local cuisine, explore their customs and traditions and even learn some of their language. (and no, making out does not count!)


Take a CHILL pill – Traveling with a group can be hazardous to your mental health. Relax, take it easy, avoid confrontations and GO WITH THE FLOW! You will avoid problems, fights and stress.


10 things it’s totally cool to do at your wedding (Part 2)

Elope – We know this sounds a little out there but it could be a really awesome experience for the couple. You can get married in a really cool, unique special place (for the 2 of you) and you can always have a party when you return to celebrate it!


Do a tattoo ring instead of the traditional rings – Social acceptance of tattoos has changed a lot and at the end, who gives a f_ck?

ring tattoo

Have a cell phone/social media policy for your event – Nowadays, guests can be really obnoxious and the whole scene can become a HUGE mess. Set some guidelines, hashtags and you should be ok.

unplugged ceremony

Create a registry for your honeymoon – It is becoming more popular because couples already live together and don’t need house stuff. It is also a great way to avoid the wedding hangover and not have the honeymoon bills as well as the wedding ones!


Have a POT BAR – If getting married in a state where pot is legal, include a pot bar in your celebration. It will be the talk of the party and it will certainly add to the ambiance….

pot bar

Don’t toss the bouquet – Skip the traditional stuff like bouquet and garter toss and try something different and more your style.

no bouquet

Walk down the aisle to your favorite tune – No matter if it’s a rock song or reggae, it’s your day and it should be a reflection of the couple.

r&r bride

Prepare breakfast (just in case) – If the party is at night, there is a chance it could last until morning, so feeding your drunk, hung over and hungry guests in the AM would ROCK their world!

breakfast wine flu

Create your own Hangover Kit –  It is the perfect party favor and a great memory for all those that came, partied and felt better in the morning because you thought ahead!

hangover kit

Have a “CRAZY HOUR” – Give out cool party favors and disguises to use during the “Crazy Hour” which lends itself to awesome memories and social media gold!

crazy hour