10 things it’s totally cool to do at your wedding (Part 1)

Have a tiny guest list – It’s your day and you can choose who to invite and what you can afford. Don’t go into a huge debt just to impress anybody. You will get a bad case of wedding hangover when you get the bills.


Have a destination wedding – Not everyone will be able to make it, but the ones that matter will….


Keep negative people off your guest list – Even if they are family, you want only happy guests sharing your special day. It will make a huge difference.

Thumbs down.

Have a “themed wedding” – Forget tradition and social pressures. Make this day your own, no matter what that means. You will be happy you did! (Game of Thrones anyone?)

game ofthrones wed

Getting married somewhere different – You don’t have to get hitched in a church or temple. Try something exciting, a hot air balloon, a boat, a ranch, the desert, an aquarium, the zoo or anything else that makes you happy. Your guests will enjoy a different venue and experience.

skydive underwater

Skip the wedding cake and try something different – Again, it is ok to do something different like ice cream bars or brownies (not the happy ones). People will always remember something special and wedding cakes are really expensive, so you can save some bucks for the honeymoon.


Serve BBQ – It will make the affair fun, different and very yummy!


Make it beach chic, not black tie – This will make a huge difference in the mood of the party as people will be more relaxed and ready to party.

beach chic

Have a shot girl – Distributing shots can accelerate the speed at which the party will get banging! Just make sure you have enough alcohol available if it gets crazy!


Don’t take traditional wedding pictures – It is a huge effort and consumes a lot of time and at the end you will probably look at the party pics more than the traditional ones. Make it fun for you and party like it’s 1999BC!!!!

fun wed pix

The Do’s and Don’ts if you go to Ibiza


Don’t: Go there on a tight budget, I cannot stress this enough. It is honestly so not worth it to go all the way there and have to be concerned about every penny. Drinks range from 9-30 euros for a drink, that 9 will sadly get you a bottle of water, or the house wine, and all of this is not including your entrance fee which usually ranges from 30-75 euros per person in the major nightclubs and pool parties!

tight budget

Do: check the schedule on Muchotickets.com/en/ to make sure that your favorite Dj’s will be playing, the weekly residences are insane, they usually include people like Axwell and Ingrosso, Hardwell, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas &Like Mike, and so many more!

mt logo

Don’t: forget to stay hydrated if you take a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii that you’re cool. It is hot as hell out there and humid too, the sun goes down around 10PM so you will be in full party mode while the sun goes down, and the stars come up!

stay hydrated 2

Do: Get a table with your crew of people if you can afford it. The clubs in Ibiza hold anywhere from 5-10,000 people so the dance floor can get ridiculously crowded to the point of not being able to move. (plus some are not airconditioned)The tables run for a couple grand but they are totally worth it, your own private security guard escorts you to wherever you want to go, whether it is the bathroom or the middle of the dance floor. The bottles keep flowing as long as you want them too, and you have your own space so no worrying about the madness that is the dance floor. This is your ultimate celebrity VIP experience! (a table for 4 is 2 seats and a table for 8 is four seats, plus the prices are all inclusive you do not add the 30% that is added in the states)

table ibizavip table


Don’t: be intimidated by the size of the crowds and clubs either, just be prepared for lots of bumping and grinding with strangers’ and their drugs, sweat, and tears covering you.


Do: Pregame heavily for basically every event, getting drunk is expensive; maintaining that drunk on the other hand is not too bad! If you decide to go sans table, we recommend a lot of this, unless you don’t mind the drink prices.


Don’t: Dress to impress if you’re spending the night on the floor. Be comfortable and happy. You will see people in 6 inch stilettos, and you will see people in converse and flip flops, wear what makes you feel best. For the most part there are absolutely no dress codes in these places so you can get away with wearing anything. You probably see more jean shorts at the club than you do LBD’s so keep that in mind when you’re planning your outfits!

ibizalook2 ibiza look

Do: Spend some time at the beach clubs and local non touristy restaurants out of Ibizas main city, they are on the water and usually have incredible views, lounge music, and great vibes!


Don’t: forget that it is not Ibiza if you don’t leave the club while the sun is rising at least once on your trip! So have an incredible time, say hello to my one of my favorite cities, and most of all, stay safe and happy! You haven’t lived until you see the sun come up at Space, works for both Miami and Ibiza


What’s Hot This Week!




August has started and for all of us foodies in Miami we could not be happier, because as we all know this means the start to Miami Spice Month! You can set your sights on all of the places you have wanted to check out but thought were too pricy because they are now available for $23 lunches, and $39 dinners per person. With restaurants like Katsuya, world famed Ibiza hotspot Cipriani in the heart of Brickell, Prime Italian and their to-die-for take on modern Italian food, and hidden gem of trendy Korean style cooking at Drunken Dragon to name a few don’t grab your attention, and have you salivating Palov style, we don’t know what will.


This weekend is an exciting one, with the start of The Olympic Games! Do you have plans to do anything special for them? If not, let BTK help guide you; The Setai will make you feel like you’re right in the center of Rio’s action with their Copacabana themed lounge, massive tvs broadcasting the game, and even Olympic gummy rings to garnish those delicious drinks. The Carillon in South Beach has prime viewing for the games, 4 new Caipirinhas options and a Rio inspired tapas menu from their incredible restaurant Thyme. Lincoln Roads iconic staple SushiSamba will also be participating in all of the fun with a special themed menu and lots and lots of cachaca, of course! It’s also a great place to beat the heat with a Kaffirinha Ice Pop, crafted in-house with Kaffir lime leaves infused in cachaça and churned with lime and sugar, essential for a Miami summer, duh.


For all you locals, or visitors who are just looking to spend a weekend of typical South Beach insanity, we have a few things going on for you too! Chuckie will be getting you into the perfect weekend vibes this Friday night with his set at Story Nightclub, he helped pave the way with his start of “dirty house” so get ready for bright lights, and a little bit of Latin rhythm, and some awesome bass drops! Arty will be taking over LIV on Saturday night with his incredible take on deep house that is sure to leave you in a state of trance for hours!


Are you self-proclaimed lover of fitness and raving? Well this Saturday you can combine the two loves of yours for an unholy union of racing and raving; Meet Me in the Dark 5K and music festival is here this Saturday night. People will show up decked out in neon everything, and lots of lights! The course can be walked, run, crawled, or danced through to a line up of Miami’s hottest local DJ’s. At the finish line this turns into a full blown EDM concert with a big, secret headliner; so you don’t want to miss out on this shit show of fun, good vibes, and craziness!


BTK tip of the week: Wear lots of insect repellant, especially if you are in the Wynwood area, as Zika is spreading here and can be very serious. Besides that we hope you have an incredible weekend, let BTK help you out with any reservations or plans you may need!