10 things to know before you plan a destination wedding

A lot of brides dream of a destination wedding, a beautiful, romantic beach or an amazing castle in the Loire Valley. It’s part of the fairy tale they have grown up with and played in their heads over and over again. Social media and amazing cameras on cell phones have exacerbated the issue as new amazing destinations are available on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook to drool over and daydream.

So if you’re considering planning a destination wedding, there are a couple of things you should consider before deciding to exchange your vows in an exotic island in the middle of the Indian Ocean.

Cost might not be what you are expecting
Even though the guest list will be way smaller, costs like airfare and lodging will have to be included. The cost of the rest of the suppliers for the wedding, from flowers to catering will depend a lot on the location.


Planning your wardrobe will be more complicated 

When traveling for your wedding; you’ll have to consider all events related to the wedding plus all outfits for down time etc. You wont be home where you have everything you own available and accessible.


Hire a local wedding planner

As with any wedding, the effort to create the perfect wedding is huge and you better know your way around these issues by hiring a local that knows the lay of the land and how to get things done right.


Passports and Visas

All guests will require a passport if you travel to a foreign country and surprisingly only about 15% of US citizens have a passport. It’s a great idea to have one but it does require that all guests go through that process and maybe even visas depending on the destination.



Guests travelling to your wedding might feel that their presence (and the costs associated with being there) is their gift. Costs can add up so just be prepared for many guests and family members not to go and give you a good gift or those who attend not to.


Find a place you both love

This can be a touchy subject, the same as your honeymoon. Compromise is the word! It should be a mutual decision so nobody feels they had to give up on their dream wedding.

b&g beach

Use technology to share with the ones that can’t travel

Skype and many other apps and gadgets make it much easier to share with everyone that was not able to travel, even in real time. This will add a new awesome twist to your special day!


It’s your wedding so do what feels right to you ONLY!

You will have many opinions and people recommending stuff. Make it yours! Do it the way you want, your style, your location and your rules.

my wedding


Make sure you understand the legal requirements to get married abroad

Each destination will have their own rules and regulations and some even require that you have a minimum stay before you can get married. Also consider how the marriage license will be legalized in the US so you have everything free and clear where you live.

mar license

  1. Have fun with it and don’t stress out.
    This piece of advice goes to all our brides and grooms. Don’t sweat the details. Concentrate on the things that you will remember and in creating beautiful memories!


The Do’s and Don’ts of Cruising on The Norwegian Sky!


This cruise is hand down one of the best and least expensive ways to spend your last sail before the veil.

Do: Make sure you pick this cruise if it is for a bachelor/ette party, their all-inclusive drinks and food is like nothing I have ever seen on a cruise before and so completely worth the price, perfect for a group on a budget!


Don’t: Forget to put on sunscreen or you will no doubt be feeling the burn later on. Three hours of the sun is enough to turn you into a lobster, plus with all the alcohol consumed it is very easy to pass out in the sun without giving it a second thought, and when you wake up it will be too late.


Do: get the internet plan, if you can’t live without your phone. It is a charge of $30 a day, and must be bought for all three days but totally worth it when you realize that they charge 95 cents a minute for internet use. Or when you get the text from your carrier stating that it costs $10.24/MB, 2.50/Minute and your regular international plan will not work out here, just on the islands! So if you live and breathe snapchat, instagram, facebook, any social media really, this is the way to go!


Don’t: over pack, the space in the rooms is very limited plus it is too hot to wear clothing. You will end up being half naked all day, and will not end up wearing even a third of the clothing you brought. Trust me, I would know. 1 carry-on and about 22 outfits packed, only wore like 4 outfits and any day time clothing was not on for more than 5 minutes.


Do: Talk to people on the ship and make an awesome group of friends. You are all stuck on the same ship with each other for a few days, might as well meet the people on there so you can really get down at Dazzles (the nightclub on the ship) Plus you feel kind of princessy like Paris Hilton when you walk through the ship and everyone waves or talks to you. Remember you will never see these people again.


Don’t: Miss out on the specialty restaurants on board, they have a lot of them and the price per person is pretty low, with all the free alcohol there isn’t much to run up your bill.


Do: Go to the game shows that they have on board, it is usually Battle of the Sexes, and The Newlywed Game! They are filled with questions that will make everyone laugh, because there are no safe answers. Plus, what else do you have going on? Nothing, you’re on a ship.. in the middle of the ocean! With lack of technology out there maybe you’ll lose your inhibitions and join in on the fun!


Don’t: Bring alcohol on board with you, there is no need to pre-game since all alcohol is free and accessible basically everywhere! They will also remove it from your bag.


Do: have an amazing time, forget about your real life for a few days and truly escape to another world, you ain’t got no worries.


The Do’s and Don’t’s of Ultra Europe!

So Ultra Europe begins tomorrow in Split, Croatia. Please read this before you go!


Do: Remember to buy your tickets and accommodations way in advanced to ensure the best prices, and availability!



Don’t: Show up on any empty stomach. The food here is not good, the lines are ridiculously long, and the people are slow. Seriously take my advice on this one or you will be nauseous before you get to the good acts. Especially with the amount that you will be drinking, you don’t want to be that person that is sick and passed out by 10PM especially since you have to keep the party going until 5am.


Do: Pregame before you get there! Since this goes all night you will need to keep that buzz going. The drinks once you’re inside range from 9-15 euros so be smart about it, I would show up with a good buzz, and maybe a few shooters shoved down your pants for later!

Don’t: Even though Ultra starts at 6PM, I would NOT show up until at least 10-11 unless there is someone that you absolutely need to see. You will be knocked out by the time the best people/closing acts come on. The venue doesn’t get full until around 10, which is when the first great DJ’s usually start.


Do: Walk around the venue, it is tempting to stay at main stage because of its lack of accessibility to the other but I strongly recommend at least checking them out. It is a lot of fun to walk around, plus you get to see the crazy ravers (most likely the ones tripping the hardest) party with more bass in your face than you can handle!

Don’t: Spend the extra for VIP, the viewing areas are all the way at the top of the stadium not providing much access to better viewing areas (example: Ultra Miami has viewing areas right next to the stage, this has the advantage of closeness without the crowds.) You are paying a lot more for seats that are not better, and they charge more for drinks… who does that? My suggestion, take the regular GA and you can always sit in the seats around, it is in a stadium after all!


Do: Party the night away, dance your ass off until 5am, and watch the beautiful sunrise as you make your way home! These are the BTK tips to ensure you have the best time there!

Wayne Moran Photography
Wayne Moran Photography

BTK Insider Tip: The bars are all cashless there, on the first day they let you use cash but passed that you will have trouble finding bars that will take anything but your wristband!