A Miami Nightclub for Every Ocassion

A Miami nightclub for every occasion



This is the perfect venue for all of you trying to be up close and intimate with the DJ, they are literally within a hands reach from you, if you can make it through the crazy crowd of Miami locals. Famed for their Tuesday night Brazilian Favela parties, you can get a taste of Miami’s sin and fun here.



From the second you walk into this world famous hot spot, you will feel like a celeb and most like be partying right next to them. When you look down at the crowd from the top of their lavish staircase and see thousands of people partying and popping bottles, all of your inhibitions will melt away.


rockwell miami

Opened by famed nightclub manager Chris Paciello, this new hotspot on Washington Ave opened during Art Basel week and has been making waves since. This smaller scale lounge/club is already known for its hip hop night on Mondays, and has seen celebs like Khaled, Rick Ross, Lenny Kravitz, and many more.



Put your cameras away, and get your wallets out. It’s time to eat, drink, dance, and see some titties. This also happens to be our cities first 24 hour club, so you can do this in 20,000sq feet of space at any time of day you please! We recommend this as an afterhours club, drink the night away in the SoFlo area of your choice and then lose your inhibitions here until the sun comes up.


story miami

Owned by the same people as LIV it’s no surprise that this venue has the best line up of any club here. Not only will names like Calvin Harris, David Guetta, and Tiesto spinning here regularly blow you away, but their light shows will have you tripping without the molly.



One of the newest mega clubs to hit South Beach! But the location is not so new, it has taken over the venue where almost every Miami native has strapped on their stilettos and partied the night away, Mansion!! Their new renovations and the huge chandelier in the middle of the room will leave you speechless, along with the giant face on the stage; you won’t be able to look away.

Rec Room


Always wanted to feel like you were in That 70’s Show? Now you can party like you are, in this underground 70’s basement type environment with a laid back beach vibe. Plus they have over 3,000 records on vinyl and a killer hip hop night, couldn’t get much better right? Well they also have great pricing for tables, making it a great place for a bachelorette party or girls night.



Ice skating, bowling, and clubbing, Oh My! You can find all of these activities in one convenient location on the beach. Ladies, don’t forget to go on Wednesday night to partake for free.


fdr miami

If you love a mix of new and old school hip hop, FDR is the place for you. They have affordable tables that aren’t burning a hole in your wallet, and a small loungy vibe with all the fixings of a Miami nightclub.



Want a true taste of all things Miami? This is definitely the place to be, with red velvet draped around the venue, and more crystal than Swarovski, you will be in for a night of luxury and debauchery.



Either you’re a business man with a night off, or a hot frat boy from UM with a trustfund and daddys credit card, this is the place to ball out. With millions spent on yearly renovations, you will never get tired of this club no matter how many times you go.



They say you haven’t lived until you see the sunrise from this 15 year old legendary EDM scene. Open after hours Space is definitely somewhere we suggest on your trip to Miami, almost every local has been there at least once. So grab your glowsticks, pick your vice of the night, and rave until the afternoon.

P.S. On Heat game nights, we love to people watch all you walk of shamers.

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