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The legalization of recreational marijuana has created an explosive new market in tourism to Colorado with a few specialized travel companies offering 420 tours - friendly accommodations, tours and services, to the delight of pot connoisseurs and adventurous souls looking to explore this new trend.

Even though the legalization process is still evolving and more states are moving in that direction, there is still a stigma associated with catering to that market. That is why we still don’t see traditional hotel chains marketing directly to the consumers, but that doesn’t mean they are not interested in the potential new flow of customers. Hotels are implementing “smoke policies” to attract these new guests by marketing through local operators. Instead of “bed and breakfast”, we now have “bud and breakfast” where smoking is permitted and happy hour starts at 4:20pm, with marijuana instead of alcohol, of course.

420 Tours Colorado
420 Tours Hotels

There are also cars and buses that can take you from the airport to a dispensary that allow you to smoke onboard and then drop you in your hotel, packed with your personal stash and probably some of the 1000’s of edible products available. These edibles include chocolate, beer, gummies, lollypops, cakes, brownies, chewing gum and even soups. There is something for everyone. We strongly recommend that you pace yourself and try these products carefully until you are able to test their strength, so as to avoid going where you have never gone before, if you get what we mean. The potency of these items is labeled but you have to test your personal level of tolerance.

On the medical side of this 420 tours market, in addition to hundreds of strains of marijuana with different properties and compositions to help with different illnesses and treatments, there are also all types of potions, creams, drops and even aromatherapy candles available. Explore the relaxation of a weed infused massage for example as well as creams to help you with topical pain and stress.

420 Tours Specials and Promotions

We then move to the activities and 420 tours available that offer dispensary and grow houses visits, cooking classes with pot as the main ingredient and cool parties and themed events at local bars and hangouts.

There are even corporate events and bachelor/rette parties available for the pioneers in this new world of legal marijuana. Of course they also cater to the many people coming to explore getting involved in the business as investors.

If you are a trendsetter and interested in exploring this new world, we have the right travel services available for whatever floats your boat – 420 tours galore, 420 hotels in Denver, and more. We hope it will open your mind and expand your horizons but always consume responsibly and don’t toke and drive as they will shortly be implementing a breathalyzer that can detect if you are high. Happy smokes everyone!

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